VIOMA launches VIOMA Integration Server with MediaBricks as the first user

VIOMA launches VIOMA Integration Server with MediaBricks as the first user The Swedish mobile internet company Mediabricks will be the first to use of VIOMA's newly launched product, VIOMA Integration Server. Mediabricks is a software company that develops infrastructure for media rich services on mobile devices. Mediabricks product offering is based on a patented innovation providing a superior end-user experience. The primary customer groups are GPRS and 3G operators. VIOMA Integration Server is primarily intended for business integration. Its rich integration possibilities, the multitude of data sources that can be handled and the fact that it is entirely based on Java and XML, makes it ideal for setting up e.g. B2B solutions were there is a need to connect several disparate systems. Christer Simren, CEO of Mediabricks, says the following, - "Mediabricks platform, based on a unique patent pending technology, enables distribution of highly differentiating media applications to Java enabled mobile devices. The end user experience is truly superior. The applications are easily customizable and we needed the capability to swiftly integrate our back-end with the un-adapted content feed of arbitrary content providers in different markets. Not only did VIOMA Integration Server meet our expectations in this respect, but VIOMA's technology for processing XML also saves many precious hours in the development of the core of our platform and facilitates effective management of the applications." Tomas Hallberg, CEO of VIOMA, comments, - "The versatility of our products has once again been proven. MediaBricks can use VIOMA Integration Server to build advanced mobile internet solutions. Other customers of ours have used VIOMA Content Manager to build their intranet solutions, interactive market communications, business integration, e-learning solution, and business portals. VIOMA and Mediabricks have together opened new market solutions and opportunities with their integrated product offering." For more information please contact: Christer Simrén, CEO Mediabricks tel: +46 733 839 070, email: Tomas Hallberg, CEO VIOMA AB, tel: +46 8-677 00 70, tel: +46 - 70 - 426 90 17, email: Tomas Fransson , OEM Manager VIOMA AB tel +46 8-677 00 70, tel: +46 - 70 - 859 15 51, email: About Mediabricks See About VIOMA AB VIOMA is a Content Management and Content Integration company focused on quality products where ease-of -use and ease-to-scale solutions help customers to manage the customer's information structure. It gives companies and organizations the possibility to collect, structure and control the content, no matter the format of information or channel of distribution. The VIOMA products have full support of personalization and high security demands of information. The products are entirely built on industrial open standards as XML and Java- technology. The products have proven to be well fitted for future demands of volume, distribution, security and multi channel communication. The products have separated design, business logic, and distribution media. VIOMA is represented with offices in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: