Åland Harvest Festival and restaurant Smakbyn qualified for Hungry for Finland’s list of top products in Finland.

Hungry For Finland has now selected 14 top products and 10 other breakthrough products for international marketing. Two of the products are from Åland.

Restaurant Smakbyn was selected as one of the 14 restaurants in the category Cool and Creative, and the annual Åland Harvest Festival was chosen as an event in the same category.

An expert panel of travel business professionals chose the products with reference to Visit Finland’s international criteria and product criteria for My Stay at visitfinland.com

Jenny and Michael Björklund, the restaurateurs at Smakbyn, are very happy about the recognition.

- It’s incredibly nice to be recognised for our hard work. However, we’d like to point out that we couldn’t have got this far without our extremely lovely and competent staff, innovative food producers and colleagues, and of course our all happy guests. We’re looking forward to continuing to work for an even better experience for all visitors to Aland!”

For further information please contact

Visit Åland

PR Manager

Mobil +358407283330

Email: annica.gronlund@visitaland.com


Storagatan 8

AX-22100 Åland, Finland




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