Playful learning in Eckerö, The Åland Islands

July 2015 witnesses the opening of the new Smart Park. The name comes from the idea that you’ll be a bit smarter after a visit to Smart Park even though you do nothing but play and enjoy your day.

-Smart Park is all about learning through play, or experiential education. We have, for example, a water playground that illustrates the battle of Bomarsund, explains project manager Mattias Eriksson.

In the traffic park, kids can drive mini trucks to take milk to the dairy and vegetables to a food factory, thus getting an idea of where our food from. Smart Park offers opportunities to build sand castles, drive a Segway or a boat, pet animals, build a hut and try a round of adventure golf. Visitors can enjoy locally made foods for a lunch or snack, but they can also bring their own and have a picnic on the green. There is an indoor experimentarium and a track with illusions to baffle your brain. Smart Park focuses on what is unique to Åland.

-We highlight the local community, history and means of livelihood. Smart Park is a place for creative and interactive experiences with an emphasis on playing, says Mattias.

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