LutherCountry: The Cradle of the Reformation

Imagine seeing them with your own two eyes, touching them with your own two hands: The great bronze doors of Lutherstadt Wittenberg’s Castle Church, marking the very spot where Martin Luther posted the ninety-five theses that changed the world. Picture exploring the church in which the Great Reformer was baptized or stepping inside the tiny room where Luther translated the New Testament in just 10 weeks. Luckily, these unforgettable experiences don’t have to remain the stuff of dreams! Come and explore LutherCountry, the beautiful region in the heart of Germany that invites you to walk in Luther’s footsteps!

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LutherCountry: The Cradle of the Reformation

Although Martin Luther lived 500 years ago, his presence is still tangible today. Here in LutherCountry, visitors of all ages get the chance to discover myriad original locations that still boast the Great Reformer’s indelible mark – and all within easy reach of each other. Come discover the places where Luther once lived, taught and, preached!

In addition to authentic locations that played a major role in Luther’s life, LutherCountry is also home to hundreds of other cultural and historical treasures, with many famous personalities in art and music having justify their mark on the region’s cultural landscape.

Great composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Frederic Handel, two of the world’s most famous baroque composers, were both born in LutherCountry. And thanks to the great German painter Lucas Cranach the Elder, we now know what Martin Luther actually looked like. Apart from a large number of significant, original locations related to these historical figures, interested visitors can also look forward to attending a vast array of exhibitions, festivals, and concerts.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Where it all began

Start your journey in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which is known around the world as the “Cradle of the Reformation”. After all, it was here that Luther nailed his famous 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church on October 31, 1517, thus changing the course of history! Wittenberg is also home to the City Church, otherwise known as the “Mother Church of the Reformation”, which is the oldest building in town and one that played an important role in Luther’s life; the Great Reformer got married, preached and had his children baptized inside its holy walls. And don’t forget to stop at the Luther House, which is now the world’s largest Reformation museum. Did you know that Martin Luther took up residence there with his whole family in 1525? He also wrote many of his famous works here, too!

Lutherstadt Eisleben: The Circle of Life

In Lutherstadt Eisleben, you can experience the beginning and the end of Martin Luther’s monumental life at the original Birthplace, now a museum featuring many of his personal items, and his Death House, a late-Gothic reconstruction of the original Death House that is also one of LutherCountry’s most important UNESCO World Heritage sites. Moreover, Martin Luther was baptized in the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, where the “Luther Font” was erected as a tribute to the Great Reformer.

Eisenach: In the Beginning was the Word 

Located on a hill high above the town, surrounded by the majestic trees of the Thuringian Forest, you will find the magnificent Wartburg Castle. Here, the Great Reformer translated the entire New Testament into German in just 10 weeks. The room where Luther lived and wrote during this time, Luther's Cell (Lutherstube), is considered by many to be one of the most special and moving moments on their journey in Luther’s footsteps.

Another historical personality also spent his formative years in the lovely city of Eisenach: The famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Built in the city where he was born, the Bach House – the largest of its kind in Germany – invites you to discover its impressive collection and learn more about Bach’s life and work.

Erfurt: Feel the Thunder 

Did you know that the city of Erfurt was Martin Luther’s spiritual home? After he survived a terrible thunderstorm in nearby Stotternheim on July 2, 1505, he became a monk at Erfurt’s Augustinian Monastery. In 1507, Luther was ordained a priest in Erfurt Cathedral and began studying theology. But there are plenty of other exciting things to discover in this medieval city, the “Rome of the North”. The Old Synagogue, for example, or the charming Merchants Bridge are just a few highlights that offer fascinating insight into former times. The Merchants’ Bridge is the only one north of the Alps completely covered with buildings, its privately owned shops enticing you to stop and enjoy local culinary and artistic creations.

Copyrights: Theses door at Castle Church © JD Andrews, EarthXplorer; Baptism centre in St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Lutherstadt Eisleben © Klaus-Peter Voigt, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt; Luther’s Cell © LutherCountry; Augustinian Monastery Erfurt © Toma Babovic, TTG


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About LutherCountry: Where you can walk in Luther’s footsteps

Would you like to step inside the very room in which Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German, or admire the pulpits from which he preached and where pastors still preach today? Do you want to taste beer brewed the way Martin Luther liked it? Then come and visit LutherCountry, where you can explore Luther’s old stomping grounds and much more!

LutherCountry is situated in the heart of Germany and has so much to offer, from fascinating churches and museums for the believers and history or culture fans among you, to beautiful landscapes that could be straight out of a children’s picture book.

What do the places in LutherCountry all have in common? Centuries ago, they were the stage for Martin Luther’s tumultuous life and thus played a special role in the Reformation, which changed the way people thought about so many aspects of daily life. Martin Luther’s influence spread through Western Europe and, with European settlers, to the United States.

Although Luther lived five centuries ago, his presence is still tangible today. Grab your suitcase and come experience the unforgettable – LutherCountry is waiting to be discovered!




“Every book is a great action and every great action is a book!”
Martin Luther