MMS dominates the Vodafone sales list

MMS dominates the Vodafone sales list Five out of Vodafone's ten best-selling handsets in February have the capability to communicate via picture, text and audio messages, otherwise known as MMS. "Communicating with the help of pictures adds a new dimension to mobile communication, and we have noted a steady increase in the interest shown in sending photos that allow others to share one's experiences, particularly since we launched our Vodafone live! campaign in early December. This interest is reflected throughout our sales, and a growing number of mobile phones are now being equipped with photo communication capabilities," says Tommy Sundström Vice President at Vodafone Sweden, who is in charge of Vodafone Sweden's chain of Swedish stores. "Another thing that is clear is that mobile phones with GPRS functions now top the sales list. Both handsets at the top of the list support this technology, while as many as seven out of the ten phones on the list have GPRS functions. One of the main contributory factors to this trend is the wider range of services and concepts in the market requiring higher transfer speeds for optimal functioning," says Tommy Sundström. Best-selling handsets in February 2003, Vodafone Brand Model Function Price level* 1. Sony Ericsson T200 GPRS/EMS Low 2. SonyEricsson T68i GPRS/MMS/Blue Medium tooth 3. Nokia 3310 Low 4. Nokia 3510 GPRS/MMS Low 5. Nokia 5210 WAP Medium 6. Panasonic GD87 GPRS/MMS High 7. Nokia 6510 GPRS Medium 8. Sony Ericsson P800 GPRS/MMS/Blue High tooth 9. Nokia 3410 WAP Low 10. Nokia 6610 GPRS/MMS Medium *Based on the cost price of the phones. For more information, please contact: Tommy Sundström, Vice President, Vodafone Sweden Tel.: +46 708 33 15 10, e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: