Volkswagen viral video set new world record: The Fun Theory is the most viral video of all time

This week a new world record was set when “The Piano Stairs”, one of three short films in Volkswagen Sweden’s latest campaign “The Fun Theory”, secured first place on The Viral Video Chart, the list describing world’s most viral videos. By taking the top spot The Piano Stairs is the film that has been forwarded and shared the most in the history of the Internet.

The Fun Theory is the initiative where Volkswagen Sweden wants to encourage people to come up with fun filled ways to “do good”. For inspiration, Volkswagen Sweden, in collaboration with ad agency DDB, published three entertaining cases on how to change people’s behavior on YouTube. It is now one of these videos that has reached far beyond the borders of its small, originating country. - The Fun Theory is our attempt to show that something as straightforward as pleasure is the easiest way to get people to change their behavior, says Sten Forsberg, CEO of Volkswagen Sweden. That the campaign is a global success demonstrates that the idea that lasting change and fun go together really strikes a chord. Apparently this is something that people talk about and that they want to share with friends and family. There are undeniably videos that have more views but The Fun Theory: The Piano Stairs is by far the most talked about clip. The film is mentioned in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs more than any other video clip – ever! - Topping the chart means it is the most viral video of all time. This indicates that it is the video that has been forwarded and spread the most by bloggers and on Twitter, says Scott Button, CEO at Unruly Media, the company behind the Viral Video Chart. Basically it's the most talked about video. To further encourage people to think about how to change human behavior by making things more fun to do Volkswagen is also behind the competition ”The Fun Scholarship” where the company award fun “do good”- ideas and that way make the world better place. The competition is open to the public and at people can upload their inventions and be inspired by other fun ideas. The grand prize is 2500 Euro (approx. 3500 USD). The fact that it is Volkswagen that is behind The Fun Theory is, according to Sten Forsberg, quite natural. - The notion that a car should be a pleasure to drive has always been on the top of the list when developing our more fuel efficient vehicles. The simple truth is that we believe that more people will chose an environmentally friendly version if it is actually a joy to drive. If we with this initiative can make one person to chose a ”greener” car because it’s fun then we have come a long way. Look at the videos here Piano stairs: World’s deepest bin: The bottle arcade: More about the Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology program: For more information please contactMarcus Thomasfolk, Informationschef, på +46 703 589 657 or




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