Volvo Aero lands SEK 200 million rocket order

Volvo Aero has received an order valued at SEK 200 million from the French rocket motor company SEP. The order covers supply of combustion chambers to the Europe space rocket Ariane 4 during the period 1999-2001. The order, which is a result of the increased demand in the satellite market, will provide employment for about 100 persons during a two-year period at the company's facilities in Trollhättan. The first Ariane rocket was launched in 1979. Since then, Volvo Aero has delivered 873 combustion chambers to a total of 106 launches. Ariane 4 is currently one of the most reliable rockets and holds 40% of the civilian launch market. June 25, 1998 For further information, contact: Björn Sjöblom +46 520 948 19.

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