New Pfaff sewing machine makes it easier to stretch the boundaries

New Pfaff sewing machine makes it easier to stretch the boundaries VSM Group has launched a new sewing machine that can both sew and embroider: Pfaff creative 2124. The machine is manufactured in Sweden, but is to be marketed internationally. After its launch onto the company's principal market, North America, it will now be Europe´s turn. "It is targeted at those with an interest in creative sewing and who have an eye on the pounds and pennies who want to stretch the boundaries and who also want to be able to embroider using a Pfaff," says Lill Nylén, sewing expert and PR Manager for VSM Group's two global trademarks Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff. Pfaff creative 2124 is supplied with a smart card containing exciting embroideries and alphabets, an tutorial on CD-ROM and an illustrated set of user instructions; an embroidery kit is also supplied containing fabric, lining and thread so that you can start embroidering straight away. Stitches and embroideries can be adapted to your own personal tastes using the sewing machine's display. It is also possible to create your own embroideries on a computer using special software, downloading it onto a smart card and then allowing the sewing machine to do the embroidery. Pfaff creative 2124 has an innovative and a user friendly design. In addition, it has an IDT function that allows the fabric to be fed from both the top and the bottom simultaneously. This makes it suitable for both thick and thin fabrics as well as for quilting. Further information is available on: VSM Group AB SE-561 84 Huskvarna Sweden Tel: +46 3614 6000 (switchboard) CONTACT Lill Nylén PR Officer Tel: +46 36 14 65 76 Mobil: +46 705 14 65 76 Pictures for free publication can be downloaded from our press room on and on This also contains other press information. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: