VTT involved in developing cellulose-based ethanol production in Brazil

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland exports its expertise as a developer of biomass processing technology to Brazil. Odebrecht, a conglomerate and one of the southern hemisphere's largest enterprises, is making preparations for second generation ethanol production and plans to construct a demonstration plant. VTT acts as Odebrecht's research partner, tasked with developing the technology used in the company's processes.

VTT makes use of its experience in the development of biomass processing technology, applying it to the Brazilian sugar cane biomass processing industry. VTT's research centre in Brazil has been granted BRL 10 million (about EUR 3.8 million) in funding by the PAISS programme, which supports the Brazilian sugar-energy industry reform, for the development of production technology for Odebrecht's new demonstration plant.

The development project is aimed at combining cellulose-based second generation ethanol production with first generation ethanol production and integrating these with electricity production.

The provider of the funding, PAISS, is a programme stimulating the reform of the sugar-based energy and chemical sectors, established by the Brazilian Development Bank BNDES and the Brazilian organization financing technology and innovation projects FINEP.

VTT exports its expertise to Brazil especially in the role of a developer of biomass processing technology. VTT cooperates with local companies and research institutes in the use of biomass as a resource in the production of chemicals, energy and cellulose-based products. VTT Brasil, established in 2010, is a research centre that cooperates with Finnish companies operating in Brazil, and with local universities and research institutes.

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VTT Brasil
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