Gaggia’s New MD64 Coffee Grinder from Watermark

Make light work of the daily grind

Freshly ground coffee beans are a vital component in the preparation of a really good espresso. For best results they should be ground just before dosing into the group handle. The goal is to grind the roasted coffee bean to allow the oils and full flavour to be extracted upon contact with hot water.

Gaggia’s new MD 64 coffee grinder, marketed in the UK through Watermark, has been designed to produce uniformly ground coffee at exactly the correct degree of fineness for modern espresso machines. It’s quick and easy to use, with an automatic shut off sensor so it grinds just enough coffee into the dosing chamber to ensure maximum freshness and aroma. The integral tamper, on the front of the grinder, packs the fresh grounds ready for the espresso machine.

The MD 64’s ‘tunability’ means it is ideal for anyone wanting to make the perfect espresso. When the motor is off, a fixing pin releases the grinder so it can be turned to adjust the ground size. Checking the grind should be carried out at the beginning of each day, as the coarseness can vary with the type of coffee being used and the ambient temperature and humidity.

With a hopper size of 1.4kg, the MD 64 is capable of grinding 8 to 10kg of coffee beans per hour. The flat 65mm grinding blades are powered by a 340 Watt motor running at 1400rpm while an on/ off rocker switch is located at the side of the machine.

Measuring 22 cm (w) x 60 cm (h) x 37 cm (d) and available with either a red or silver finish, the MD 64 can sit countertop alongside the espresso machine for convenience.

The Gaggia range of espresso coffee machines and ancillary equipment is marketed in the UK by Watermark. It is available through catering equipment distributors and coffee specialists. Watermark is currently expanding its distributor network. For information and brochures phone Gaggia Watermark on 01494 785758, email or visit

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