SmartSolution®, a new dimension to the art of the table

The Swiss innovation SmartSolution® is getting ready to revolutionize the dining world at the 50th anniversary of the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, from July 1st to the 16th, 2016. For the very first time since its creation, this hybrid concept between table and plate will go and meet the general public, to the delight of gourmets and lovers of design.

A beautiful setting for revolutionizing the art of the table
For 50 years, the Festival has welcomed legendary artists and passionate admirers to its idyllic setting. SmartSolution® is honored this year to share the spotlight, or rather, to come to the table and transform it!

Ingenuity serving 360° of gastronomy 
Attendees will be able to not only delight in groovy melodies for two weeks, but they will also have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience at Le Trio restaurant at the heart of the Festival. SmartSolution® will turn heads, since its system is designed to rotate gently, offering tasty local cuisine within the reach of everyone’s fork.

The boldness of simplicity
As a true design innovation, SmartSolution® offers the chef’s specialties by doing away with the strict limits usually imposed by plates. The idea of a table raised to the third dimension completely reinvents the pleasure of eating, turning it into a sweet symphony for the eyes and palate.

A Swiss-made gourmet interlude
SmartSolution® products are made harmoniously from natural and noble materials such as stainless steel, rock, glass and wood. Synonymous with quality, precision and reliability, their Swiss manufacturing ensures exceptional expertise for a break which will set the tone for a whole new way to eat. There’s no reason to start the Festival with the blues!

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