ACDelco Announces A Double Take On Oils

Intent on maintaining the growth impetus of its UK and European aftermarket operation, leading automotive components supplier, ACDelco, has announced two significant developments relating to its lubricants range. In order to maintain the dynamism of a product offering that sees oils continue to become increasingly manufacturer/model specific, ACDelco has launched four new grades of fully synthetic oils. At the same time, the globally renowned aftermarket brand has posted its entire oils and lubricants product catalogue online. As General Manager, Lee Quinney states: “ACDelco is renowned globally for the strength and depth of its oils and lubricants range and these latest announcements will play a big part in helping us further penetrate the UK aftermarket. We know from feedback from our distributors that these latest oils and the online catalogue are eagerly awaited and as such we are expectant that they will be instrumental in helping us develop our lubricants business further. “The oils in particular are an exciting addition to what is an already substantial range of high technology lubricants and including them in the ACDelco product offering exemplifies out commitment to giving customers the convenience of having access to the latest applications available from stock,” he added. Available via ACDelco’s UK and European website,, the new online catalogue provides comprehensive details relating to a product range that covers the majority of today’s vehicle parc. Alongside an informative and logically laid out application section is a clearly illustrated product guide, not to mention numerical index and useful competitive cross-reference section. For improved functionality, the online oil catalogue features a series of universally understandable symbols to improve parts identification. On the new-to-range oil front, ACDelco customers now have access to the following: • Ford WSS M2C 913 C ACEA – Mandatory for all Ford models (petrol and diesel) from 2009, with the exception of models equipped with pump injectors, this is a MID-SAPS motor oil that is characterised by highly improved lubricating properties and fuel economy (>3%). • Nissan-Renault C4 Low Saps RN0720 Euro 4 for DPF applications – Essentially designed for the newest generation (Euro 4) petrol and diesel engines with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and three-way catalyst relevant to the Renault-Nissan group, this is a fully synthetic, fuel economy LOW SAPS oil that allows for extended oil drain intervals. • Mazda JASO DL-1 Low Saps for DPF applications for low HTHS viscosity – Another Euro 4, LOW SAPS motor oil, this grade is suitable for cars with or without a turbo and for engines that require low HTHS viscosity oil. • GM Dexos 2™/ BMW LL-04 Mid Saps, ACEA C3-08 – A further MID-SAPS oil that combines fuel economy with extended service life, its reduced ash formulation protecting particulate traps and exhaust after treatment devices. This specific oil meets GM and major European OEM’s requirements for petrol and light-duty diesel engines. In order to provide a total oils solution for both the workshop and retail environment, ACDelco’s product range is predominantly available in 1, 5, 20, 60 and 205 litre variants. In addition to fully synthetic engine oils, ACDelco offers semi synthetics, gear oils and anti-freeze. For further information on ACDelco’s range of lubricants, or any of their products, please contact Nicola Keep on: 01582 426240, or email -ENDS- PRESS CONTACT: Paul Watson Wentworth Communications Limited Tel: 0161 973 6763 Fax: 0161 969 6813 Email:





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