Cuppone pizza press creates the perfect Indian Naan bread

A new and unique pop up Indian food outlet - Naked Naan based in Uxbridge, London - has revolutionised its business by moving away from traditional Indian cooking methods and introducing a pizza press to produce its best-selling Naan bread. As well as reducing valuable cooking time, the press creates the perfect Naan bread for the popular venue that is a big hit with the locals.

Supplied by Linda Lewis Kitchens, the Cuppone LLKP30 pizza press fulfils the needs of this high turnover outlet. Ideal for pressing the Naan dough into the perfectly uniformed bases due to its heated plates, the press also enables the required thickness to be set, ensuring every Naan bread is produced with perfect uniformity according to the settings chosen. 

Commenting on its decision to introduce a pizza press to the art of Naan bread making, Shushma Kumar of Naked Naan said: “Who would have thought that a pizza press could revolutionise an Indian food outlet? Whilst other Indian restaurants use the traditional hand rolling method, the Cuppone LLKP30 is simply in a league of its own, delivering perfect results time after time, with no skill involved.”

Shushma adds: “We selected this particular model as not only does it look extremely stylish, it takes up little space and produces consistent results, offering customers an authentic taste at fast speed. This fun and easy to use piece of equipment adds excitement to the making of Naan bread and with its outstanding quality, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to other Indian restaurants.”

Cuppone pizza presses are constructed from stainless steel and have an optional stand available that comes complete with a flour drawer and room to house 600 x 400mm dough trays. With five sizes to choose from - ranging from 300mm plates up to 500mm plates - a model can be selected according to the size required. Each press is completed in seconds and with no skill necessary, and the machine is ideal for fast-paced environments that wish to offer consistency and reliability.

Naked Naan offers an enticing healthy alternative to Indian cuisine and focuses on bringing home-cooked food to the high street. Focusing on fresh products, it offers grab-and-go Indian food in the form of fun-filled ‘Naanwiches’. Since its arrival at the start of the year, Naked Naan has become a huge success throughout the Uxbridge area with its fun and distinctive branding.

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Pictured here; the Cuppone LLKP30 pizza press available exclusively from Linda Lewis Kitchens. With five sizes available, each press can be completed in seconds and with no skill necessary. The machine is ideal for fast-paced environments that wish to offer consistency and reliability.

Founded in 1963 by the three Cuppone brothers in Treviso, Italy, the Cuppone brand has grown to become one of the most renowned names in pizza making throughout the world. Celebrating 50 years of creating the finest stone-baked pizzas in 2013, today Cuppone use the latest modern technology and half a century’s experience to make the art of quality pizza making pure simplicity for both gourmet restaurants and smaller food eateries. Linda Lewis Kitchens is the sole importer of Cuppone equipment into the UK and also offers a range of other catering equipment including food preparation equipment, grills and fryers, and other catering products for the fast food sector.

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