Don’t be fooled by a price tag

Leading boiler manufacturer, Ravenheat, is urging house holders, specifiers and installers not to be swayed by the high price tag of so called ‘premium boilers’. Instead, they recommend getting real value for money by purchasing more competitive models that deliver comparative, if not better performance, yet are still backed by genuine warranties.

Managing Director, Louis Pickersgill, explains: “Premium boilers of some brands tend to command high prices and many people can be misled into thinking that only these boilers provide the ultimate solution. This is not the case, as there are some very well built price-competitive boilers available, complete with substantial warranties, that provide the same level of reliability and performance, if not more.”

“Consumers are demonstrating that they no longer want to pay high prices for products that can be bought for much less from perceived smaller brands, as we have seen following the advent of competitive supermarket chains, Aldi and Lidl. So why should the trade pay premium prices for boilers, when there are respectable alternatives to the more expensive market brands?” asks Louis.

Louis also argues that if installers are truly working in their own best interests and their customers, it is no longer acceptable for them to blindly specify, without taking into account other brands that can deliver better performance for less.

“We want to work with the trade with supported prices and to demonstrate our value-for-money boilers. A study of our internal components and the overall quality of Ravenheat boilers will clearly demonstrate that we source them from leading suppliers, very much the same as the heavily marketed brands,” stresses Louis.

These days, a £200 saving on the purchase of a boiler is certainly not to be ignored and such a saving can help installers secure the job in the first place, as consumers are looking for the best deals around. However, installers tend to fall back on the boiler brand they are most familiar with or the manufacturer that spends the greatest sums on advertising, as they genuinely believe that a competitively-priced boiler cannot deliver the same performance. We want to help installers break that habit and realise that Ravenheat boilers and our new White Heat brand really can offer best value all round,” adds Louis.

He concludes: “It is not just about price, it is also about quality, efficiency, performance, service and warranty, and a whole host of other factors. Understanding the advantages will help installers choose wisely.

The White Boiler Company - part of the Ravenheat Group - has recently unveiled two new White Heat models that bring the next generation of high efficiency combination and system boilers to the market. Bearing all the hallmarks of their manufacturing prowess, the new boilers come complete with the company’s tried and trusted technologies and superior solid brass components, and boast competitive price tags too. To launch the WH80 and WH90 condensing combi, the guarantee has been extended to a total of seven years until 30th June 2015 at no extra cost, such is the confidence in the quality and reliability in these appliances.


For further information on the new White Heat collection, visit or call 0113 252 7007.


Pictured here; the White Heat WH80 combi boiler from The White Boiler Company that offers installers and homeowners a best value option. Bearing all the hallmarks of Ravenheat’s manufacturing prowess, the new boiler comes complete with the company’s tried and trusted technologies, superior solid brass components, and boasts a competitive price tag too. A seven year warranty is also included.


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