New pizza oven from Cuppone boasts advanced energy efficiency

The new ‘Tiepolo’ pizza oven from leading Italian brand Cuppone, flies the flag for energy efficiency with a range of smart features that include a unique electro-mechanical control panel and advanced temperature controls. Designed to meet the needs of takeaways, gastro pubs and restaurants, Tiepolo offers a competitively priced pizza oven that is a step up from entry-level models and is perfect for first timers or start up restaurants. It is available in the UK exclusively from Linda Lewis Kitchens (LLK).

Tiepolo’s control panel is a revolutionary development from Cuppone that serves to maximise energy efficiency and provide improved control of heat. A 0/min/max setting on the elements ensures the power setting and oven temperature is held no matter how full the oven. This distinctive function allows the oven to be set at the desired temperature depending on how busy the current service period is.

The economy function of the oven, which is used during quiet periods of work, also guarantees that even if the oven is left idle, it will not use unnecessary energy to keep the oven at optimum temperature, but will be ready to produce a perfect result if the establishment becomes busy during peak times. This ensures the pizza will not burn even if there is only one item, and equally will not take a long time to cook if the oven is fully loaded.

The oven can also deliver perfect pizza every time thanks to its cordierite stone base that retains heat and ensures a perfect, authentic Italian stone-baked taste and texture that is synonymous with Cuppone ovens. As well as pizza, Tiepolo can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes including pasta, jacket potatoes, fish, meat and vegetables; making it a versatile option for small establishments.

Managing Director of Linda Lewis Kitchens, Linda Lewis said: “We are delighted to introduce Tiepolo to our product range. This model is ideal for any gastro pub, restaurant or takeaway that needs a reliable, versatile and high performance workhorse that can deliver consistent results and authentic tasting pizzas to their customers quickly, without compromising on flavour and quality, and without wasting energy.”

Linda adds: “If I was setting up a pizza restaurant of my own, I would choose Tiepolo without hesitation.”

Tiepolo also boasts a low 12V halogen lighting system that is capable of withstanding the extremely high temperatures required for cooking pizza; whilst a panoramic glass window enables progress to be checked whilst cooking, without opening doors and wasting heat.

The oven can be supplied as either a single, twin, or triple deck and is available in four deck sizes (capacity from 4 x 12” pizzas up to 9 x 12” pizzas). In addition, it comes with a stand and motorized extraction hood that is capable of removing all of the fumes and grease from the chamber and kitchen. The stainless steel front and glass window ensures Tiepolo is befitting of any kitchen environment.

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Pictured, the new Tiepolo oven that boasts a unique control panel to maximize energy efficiency is ideal for first time restaurants and pizza makers. The oven is pictured here complete with stand and extraction hood.

Founded in 1963 by the three Cuppone brothers in Treviso, Italy, the Cuppone brand has grown to become one of the most renowned names in pizza making throughout the world. Celebrating 50 years of creating the finest stone-baked pizzas in 2013, today Cuppone use the latest modern technology and half a century’s experience to make the art of quality pizza making pure simplicity for both gourmet restaurants and smaller food eateries. Linda Lewis Kitchens is the sole importer of Cuppone equipment into the UK and also offers a range of other catering equipment including food preparation equipment, grills and fryers, and other catering products for the fast food sector.

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