SALUS spearheads a revolution in TRVs

When it comes to heating controls, SALUS is renowned for its pioneering designs and new technologies. Hence, it’s no surprise to learn that the company is now shaking up the TRV sector with the unveiling of a ground-breaking TRV pack. Set to end the days of TRVs as we currently know them, this exciting development will energise installers’ business and put energy control and comfort at the homeowners’ fingertips.

The unique TRV pack features a new digital thermostat and a battery-powered, mini-size thermostatic radiator valve that can be wall wall-mounted or freestanding. Unlike any other TRV on the market, this latest design cleverly takes its temperature reading from the thermostat, and not the radiator. As such, it is more accurate than a conventional TRV, and is not affected by its surroundings; such as curtains near the radiator or direct sunlight.

In addition, when the thermostat is used in conjunction with SALUS’ Universal Gateway, every room or zone can be internet-enabled and controlled via a Smartphone App. Furthermore, when used with other connected devices in SALUS’ Smart Home range - including smart plugs, door and window sensors, and an electric monitor that provides data on any particular product - homeowners can control many aspects of their home simply from their phone and from wherever they are.  

Commenting on this latest innovation, SALUS’ European Managing Director, Dean Jepson said: “The days of the traditional TRV are officially over. The result of a multi-million-pound investment, this pack is a game-changer in heating controls. For the first time, homeowners can now benefit from individual room control of their existing system that is highly efficient and reliable. And, when internet-enabled, they have the freedom and flexibility to maximise the comfort, convenience and control of each room and make energy savings too.”

Dean adds: “From the installers’ perspective, the opportunities for upselling TRVs are endless. After all, who would want to put up with a TRV that is inefficient and unreliable now our new pack is available?”

The TRV uses ZigBee wireless communication and can be fitted by simply replacing the existing, passive head on the standard radiator valve. Meanwhile, the battery-operated thermostat features a modern design and touch sensitive button, and can be used as digital or programmable. It also boasts temporary override, and holiday, boost and schedule modes. Just one thermostat is needed to control up to three radiators, and further thermostats can be easily added to the system, if required.


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Pictured here; the new and revolutionary TRV pack from SALUS. Featuring thermostat and TRV, the pack is set to end the days of TRVs as we currently know them. This exciting development will energise business for installers and put energy control and comfort at the homeowners’ fingertips.  

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