Temperature mapping alert for the safe storage of drugs

In line with MHRA recommendations that all temperature controlled storage equipment should be temperature mapped annually, medical refrigeration specialist, Lec Medical, is urging pharmacies, practices, hospitals and laboratories, to invest in a temperature mapping service which will show if your medical refrigerator is working to optimum temperature, ensuring the safety of the drugs and vaccines stored.

Lec Medical’s temperature mapping service is suitable for all units and is designed to ensure that the unit is functioning correctly to avoid patient safety being compromised. The procedure does not intrude on the functioning of the busy environment, and involves a minimum three-point temperature map as standard. Additional points can be offered to suit the size of your refrigerator.

As part of the package, a fully trained technician will complete a temperature performance report inclusive of recommendations and supply to the customer within days. The service is fully flexible and can be tailored to suit the customers’ requirements.

Commenting on its temperature mapping service, Lec Medical’s Senior Product Manager, Carolyn Holland said: “Temperature mapping is a MHRA recommendation and is a procedure that should not be taken lightly. Stability and uniformity can vary throughout the refrigerator’s lifespan and this can have a major impact on any stored drugs and vaccines. Indeed, any unit holding 'High Risk' goods should be mapped annually.

She adds: “We urge everyone to invest in temperature mapping to ensure that the units pass the highest levels of scrutiny, reduce the chance of variability and meet regulatory compliance expectations.”

This latest development closely follows the launch of Kelsius - a temperature monitoring system that has been unveiled by Lec Medical. The system offers a completely wireless setup that automates the process of temperature monitoring in controlled storage and testing environments, and provides a fail-safe solution for busy hospitals, laboratories and larger pharmacies.

In the event of the temperature deviating from pre-set parameters, the system automatically alarms designated staff members. It also offers a number of other sensors designed to target specific areas of the healthcare industry, enabling a custom built package to be created. Kelsius is suitable for a broad scope of applications including fridges, freezers, incubators and bloodbanks.

For further information on temperature mapping and Kelsius, please contact 0844 815 3742. The Lec Medical brand is part of Glen Dimplex Professional Appliances (GDPA) that in turn is part of the multi-national Glen Dimplex Group.

Visit www.lec-medical.co.uk or www.twitter.com/lec_medical



Lec Medical is urging pharmacies, practices, hospitals and laboratories to invest in a temperature mapping service, in line with MHRA recommendations, to guarantee optimum safety levels for the storage of drugs and vaccines. Pictured here; a line-up of pharmacy refrigeration from Lec Medical.




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