Sustainable solutions provider AET has launched a range of direct gas fired absorption chillers. These high-performance units can supply both chilled water and hot water for commercial and industrial building applications that require both cooling and heating.

AET’s SAB-DF Series of dual effect, direct fired absorption chillers provides key environmental benefits. The chillers use water as a refrigerant rather than chlorine-based compounds, such as HCFCs and HFCs used in vapour compression chillers, which means they are a good choice for facilities looking to use a natural refrigerant or aspiring to a high LEED or BREEAM rating.

Heat is supplied to the absorption cycle using natural gas.  Using gas reduces the chiller’s reliance on electricity compared to conventional chillers; as a result the chillers units are particularly suitable for facilities where the electrical supply is expensive or where there is insufficient electrical capacity for additional cooling plant. In addition, because the direct fired units can supply both cooling and heating, they can help reduce the amount of space required for heating plant in a boiler house.

Alongside the environmental benefits, the absorption chilling cycle ensures the chillers have very few moving parts. As a result, AET’s units have very low noise and vibration levels.

The advanced design of AET’s SAB-DF absorption chillers ensures the chillers are economical to install and run. The chillers use an innovative cooling water flow system to provide a large temperature differential on both the chilled water and cooling water circuits. Increasing the temperature difference between the chilled water flow and return connections enables the same amount of cooling to be achieved but with a lower circulating water flow rate. In addition, the cooling water outlet temperature has also been increased to enhance the temperature differential on the heat rejection circuit. These innovations decrease the energy used by the circulating pump and heat rejection fan as well as enabling the chilled water and cooling water pipe sizes to be reduced, saving space and cutting costs. 

The large temperature differential models have flow and return temperatures of 7°C/15°C. A standard model is also available with flow and return temperatures of 7°C/12°C.

AET’s SAB-DF Series of absorption chillers/heaters is available in both a high efficiency and standard efficiency versions. The high efficiency chiller has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 1.35 for the large temperature differential models and a COP of 1.32 for standard temperature differential models. The high efficiency chillers are available in 17 models with capacities starting from 422kW cooling, 378kW heating. The largest chiller in the range has a cooling capacity of 3516kW and a heating capacity of 3163kW.

The standard efficiency chiller has a COP of 1.2 for both standard and large temperature differential versions. The chillers are available with capacities starting from 422kW cooling, 378kW heating. The largest unit in the range has a cooling capacity of 4395kW cooling, with a heating capacity of 3953 kW.

The units feature a factory-fitted microprocessor controller, which is fully tested prior to shipment. A touch screen display on the front of the panel identifies operational status and fault indication.

The SAB-DF series of absorption chillers are available exclusively in UKand the Middle Eastfrom AET. To learn more about AET’s sustainable solutions, contact the company direct by email on or visit the website at

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