As part of the Fife Housing Innovation Showcase (15 May-31 May 2012, Dunfermline), Baxi, a leading UK heating and hot water solutions provider for the specification sector, is supporting the Future Affordable housing project with the latest in ultra-efficient gas boiler technology. 

Future Affordable is a collaborative project that aims to deliver a sustainable and affordable housing system for the social rented and private market. The Future Affordable system concept is a combination of massive timber bathroom e.Core units designed by David Blaikie Architect and the KII timber frame system designed by Kraft. Together these systems have been optimised to deliver a terrace of three homes designed for tenancy which will demonstrate how to achieve 2013 Low Carbon and 2016 Zero Carbon. These homes will also feature Baxi Duo-tec combi boilers with Gas Adaptive (GA) control and Multifit GasSaver flue gas heat recovery technology designed to maximise comfort and fuel efficiency whilst reducing running costs and minimising carbon emissions.

The first demonstration of the Future Affordable house system in theUKwill be available to view at the Fife Housing Innovation Showcase.

The Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA represents a step-change in boiler efficiency for the home. The GA technology in the boiler constantly monitors gas and oxygen levels, adapting operation of the boiler to optimise combustion efficiency. Available in a broad range of outputs, the Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA offers a wide modulation range of 1:7. This ensures the boiler can match output with heat demand, saving on fuel, reducing NOx and carbon dioxide emissions.

Installed neatly between the Duo-tec GA boiler and flue, will be the GasSaver device which recovers heat from the boiler’s flue gases that would otherwise be wasted to outside. The captured heat is then used to pre-heat water coming into the boiler from the cold mains supply. The GasSaver is thus capable of reducing the energy usage for hot water demand by up to 37% and water consumption by up to 7% compared to a combination boiler not using a GasSaver.

The Fife Housing Innovation Showcase is a £3.3m project that will trial different new construction technologies with a view to using the best methods and systems in mainstream affordable housing programmes. In total 27 new homes are under construction on the Housing Innovation Showcase site in Dunfermline,Fife. The showcase is a joint venture between Kingdom Housing Association and Fife Council and enjoys the support of Fife Construction Forum, Green Business Fife and Springfield Properties plc.

A key element of the development will be a comprehensive monitoring programme of the performance of the different systems, and a comparative analysis of the benefits of different renewable energy options and other enhanced specifications on some of the properties.

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