Baxi, one of Europe’s leading heating and hot water solution providers, has introduced the new Baxi Solargen – a high-quality, photo-voltaic (PV) range of solar collectors for easy specification and installation in private and social housing developments.

As a versatile, renewable energy option, the new Baxi Solargen range offers significant specifier benefits. They will help developers keen to meet Code for Sustainable Homes Levels 4 to 6 on their schemes, bringing an impressively low carbon rating under SAP at the same time as generating electrical energy for the homeowner or social housing tenant, and recurring revenues under the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme.

“The difference between the Baxi Solargen and other PV panels is in energy-generating performance, reliability and ease of specification and installation,” says Simon Osborne, Specification Channel Manager at Baxi. “In a growing market where the demand for effective solar PV has risen, these qualities are critically important for specifiers. We are delighted to bring to market a solution which helps them achieve Code compliance and generates electricity efficiently and reliably for homeowners and tenants.”

The Baxi Solargen provides a one-box, hassle-free kit solution to meet both flat and pitched roof applications. High performance polycrystalline solar PV modules deliver an efficiency of between 13-16%, with a choice of four different outputs - 1.32kWp; 1.76kWp; 2.64kWp; and 3.96kWp.

The modules have three bypass diodes installed to aid performance if shading becomes an issue.  The diodes allow current to flow around shaded cells, reducing voltage losses due to the module limiting the reduction in array output.  The modules are equipped with a positive power tolerance of 3% which ensures the householder receives the expected power output from their system.

In addition to the collector modules, the Baxi Solargen kit contains a DC to AC electricity inverter, a generation meter, DC and AC isolation switches, roof mounting brackets, and all cables and connections. This ensures a simple and quick installation. Baxi Solargen is MCS certified to allow access to the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme.  

Full technical support and back-up is available for specifiers through Baxi’s expert NewDesign team. For more information, please visit or call 0844 871 1555.

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