German floor care specialist, Dr Schutz has launched a brand new brochure, entitled Introduction to Design Floors. Aimed at retailers and end users, the document explains the benefits of Design Floors and best practice when it comes to maintain the flooring surface. 

Design Floors, also known as LVT (luxury vinyl tiles), is fast becoming one of the hottest trends for 2016.  Available in a wide range of luxurious and realistic flooring looks, such as wood, stone, marble or slate, the flooring is capable of providing long-term protection that cannot always be guaranteed with authentic materials. Depending on the environment used, such as communal areas with high-volume traffic or floors exposed to chemicals and dyes, it is strongly advised to use a PU protection system suited to the wear-and-tear the flooring with endure to ensure long-term protection. This brochure takes readers through the process of understanding the flooring options, the maintenance that is required for this material, and the best products to suit each surface.

“The use of Design Floors is increasing in both residential and commercial environments, but these surfaces need a regular maintenance routine, and this presents us with many questions from customers,” comments Lothar Schutz, Managing Director of Dr. Schutz. “It is for this reason that we have decided to launch this new brochure. We are confident that this resource explains the nature of design floors in an easy to understand manner, and answers the questions that end users have regarding the cleaning and maintenance of Design Floors.”

The document explains the most suitable products to use for specific areas, including residential, hairdressing salons, retail, restaurants and health care environments. It provides details on the advantages of these products and the way in which they perform.  Information on furniture gliders is also included in the document.

To access the full brochure and to view Dr. Schutz’s advice on how to care for and provide long-term protection for Design Floors, please visit

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Editors notes:

Established in 1955, the Dr Schutz organisation is based in Bonn, Germany and has a wealth of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality, innovative care systems for all types of floor coverings.  Represented in over 30 countries, Dr Schutz has been the market leader in Germany for many years and has enjoyed considerable international expansion over the last 10 years.  At the same time, Dr Schutz has developed a comprehensive training programme, where delegates can attend courses designed for retailers, contractors and end-users, and which run at the company’s head office in Bonn and at their headquarters in Aylesbury.