The oldest street in Coventry features a newly built housing development that remains in keeping with the area’s historic background, thanks to the installation of Cembrit’s Jutland fibre cement slates. 

Far Gosford Street is the setting of many historic stories, from the banishment of Henry IV that lead to the Wars of the Roses in 1398 to the vivid stories of the night of the November blitz in 1940. Now, it features a new gated community, comprising 30 three and four bedroom mews style houses.  Kilby Mews forms part of a wider multi million pound private and public sector regeneration project to develop Far Gosford Street.  The development is in close proximity to Fargo Village, an area renowned for its creative artist spaces, independent retailers and live venue, and is within walking distance to Coventry University, ranked as the top modern university in the UK.  

Coventry–based building and development company, Harrabin Construction Limited worked with roofing specialist, Russell Roofing Ltd on this project.   Specified for its high-quality smooth finish, the slates allowed the contractor to complete the project in a timely fashion, due to the material not needing to be graded and sorted. Approximately 7,000 graphite slates were installed in total. 

“We have worked with Cembrit many times in the past, and were pleased that one of its fibre cement slate products were specified for this project, as we knew they would deliver on the client’s brief,” says Frazer Simpson, Business Development Manager, Russell Roofing Limited. “The project ran smoothly from start to finish, and as predicted, we had no challenges, as the pre-holed slates are extremely easy to handle and install. Far Gosford Street is undergoing an upgrade, and the finish that the Cembrit slates provide sits perfectly within the look that is desired.”

Cembrit was recently presented with a renewed BBA (British Board of Agrément) certificate for its Jutland Slates by Claire Curtis-Thomas, CEO of the BBA at the RCI show 2016. This certification demonstrates that the slates can be specified with total confidence for efficient and long term use. 

Jutland slates feature a smooth surface and are pre-holed, square edged and lightweight. They do not need to be graded and sorted like natural slates. These qualities combine to make them easy to handle and install and an ideal solution for a fast-track construction environment. Jutland slates are available in Graphite, Blue/Black, Russet and Autumn Brown colours.

Jutland slates are manufactured to the highest European standards using Portland cement together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. Cembrit fibre cement slates are finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the face and edges and a tinted, high performance binder to the back face. The slates are manufactured in accordance with a quality assurance system to ISO 9001 and to the requirements of BS EN 492: 2004 product specification for fibre cement slates and their fittings.

Cembrit A/A+- rated fibre cement slates can contribute to achieving an environmentally outstanding building. The five variations (Jutland, Zeeland, Westerland, Moorland and Diamond) allow designers to achieve the highest ratings for roof specifications and are currently the only fibre cement slate certificated.

For more information, and to download the fibre cement slate guide, visit www.cembrit.co.uk  Follow us on Twitter at @CembritUK and Facebook at Cembrit UK.


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Notes to Editors:

With over 80 years’ experience, Cembrit offers a wide range of fibre cement slates, corrugated sheets, and rainscreen cladding and building boards, as well as natural slates. Our factories operate Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to EN14001. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are available on all Cembrit manufactured ranges. Cembrit fibre cement slates are listed on the Greenbooklive.com register of environmental products. Quality levels at group factories are rigorously maintained to high standards with many products manufactured under the control of ISO 9001 and British Board of Agrément. Cembrit is owned by the Swedish-based investment company Solix Group AB.