With a growing number of renewable technologies available on the market, Watt Energy Saver has teamed up with Panasonic to educate both trade and consumer audiences of the benefits of air-source heat pump technology. 

At the Centre, Panasonic’s Aquarea heat pump has been installed, demonstrating the simplicity of the eco-friendly solution. The installation allows both trade and end-users to see the product and get a hands-on demonstration, instead of simply seeing facts and figures on paper. Supported by their Panasonic distributor, Nottingham-based Oceanair, the Centre of Renewable Energy (CORE) is a key element to Watt Energy Saver’s campaign for wider understanding of eco-friendly heating solutions, providing a setting for contractors and customers alike to see direct comparisons from one technology to the next.

“The demand for green solution is ever increasing,” explains Craig Edmonds, Managing Director for Watt Energy Saver. “With such growth, it is more crucial than ever that traditional installers embrace these new technologies, such as Panasonic’s Aquarea air source heat pump, so that they can install, service, and maintain the systems, while maximising their own business potential.”

As part of the training centre, CORE offers a number of comprehensive schemes, from an introduction to the new systems, right through to MCS and BPEC approved training courses that allow installers and distributors to build upon their skills. With realistic set-ups, CORE provides the opportunity for direct contact with the technology, and gives a more accurate understanding of their benefits in different situations.

“CORE’s concept demonstrates that renewable products, such as the Aquarea, do work, and shows why they should be a consideration for installations,” explains Graham Evans, Panasonic’s Air-to-Water Business Developer. “By installing the Aquarea onsite, our potential installers and end-users, can see for themselves what the system looks like, and how it differs from our competitors’ products. This makes it more accessible, just as any other product would be available to view within shops. It’s a powerful tool to encourage the uptake of products like the Aquarea.”

There is an underlying message at CORE, that no one-fit product exists. This is why Panasonic’s Aquarea heat pump range is an ideal answer for the market – offering the widest range of models available on the market today, allowing for tailored specifications to be created. As Craig Edmonds continues, “the Panasonic Aquarea range allows us to offer our customers the latest in air-source heat pump design, with a product that has the potential to reduce carbon emissions without impacting on their comfort, convenience or individual requirements.”

To find out more about Panasonic’s Aquarea air-to-water heat pump range, please visit www.panasonic-heating.co.uk. Alternatively, to find out about the Centre of Renewable Energy and its training schemes, please visit www.wattenergytraining.co.uk

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About Panasonic

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