Crestron DigitalMedia™ Provides Private Network Mode For Simplified Integration with the LAN and IT Infrastructure

Crestron’s complete and proven standard that delivers high-definition audio and video signals over long distances and one wire, DigitalMedia™, now operates using just one IP address (Private Network Mode). With private network mode, the DigitalMedia switcher uses a single IP address and all DigitalMedia peripherals, such as receivers and transmitters, are moved off the public network. Private Network Mode significantly streamlines home and organisational infrastructures, conserving IP addresses, reducing costs and simplifying system management and troubleshooting.

“Using the new private network mode drastically simplifies integration with the LAN and other IT infrastructure and can work in either a single home, large office complex or across a wide-scale university campus,” says Robin van Meeuwen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Crestron International. “Now, all DM peripherals are managed by the switch and you only need one IP address. All this, with virtually zero configuration, offers improved access and management of networks and reduces the cost of running multiple IP addresses.”

All new DigitalMedia switchers will now include Private Network Mode functionality. For currently installed DM switchers, download the latest update from the Crestron website to get the latest features. No programming changes are necessary.

For more information on the benefits of running a Crestron DigitalMedia network in your home, office, school or university, please visit for more information or to download the free Private Network Mode update for existing DM installations.

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