Crestron TST-600 Delivers Cutting-Edge Touch Screen Technology in a Portable Wireless Model

Crestron has announced details of the TST-600 Wireless Touch Screen, the next generation of its wildly popular TPS-6X touch screen for controlling Crestron home and building automation systems which is available now. 

TST-600 combines all the robust control functionality of its multi award-winning predecessor with the latest Crestron touch screen technology to deliver a portable control and communication device like no other. Featuring a high-contrast 5.7" capacitive touch screen, extended-range dual-mode RF/WiFi wireless capability, Smart Graphics™, Rava™ SIP Intercom, long-life lithium ion battery, high-performance H.264 streaming video and optional backlit pushbuttons, TST-600 gives users the freedom to control entertainment, lighting, climate, blinds, AV presentations and more throughout any space up to 60 metres. TST-600 is fully compatible with older TPS docking stations, wireless gateways and other accessories.

"The TST-600 picks up where the best-selling TPS-6X leaves off and offers all of our cool new touch screen technology in the same lightweight size," says Robin van Meeuwen, Crestron VP of Sales and Marketing. "The ability to have Crestron touch screen control, plus video streaming and intercom at your fingertips while you walk from room to room is a convenience only TST-600 can offer."

TST-600 ensures a dependable wireless connection by using Dual-Mode wireless capabilities, a combination of Crestron Extended Range 2.4 GHz RF (ER) and Wi-Fi wireless technologies. ER wireless communications enable seamless control with true feedback using buttons, sliders, knobs, gauges and dynamic text. While TST-600 can be used with ER alone, its dual-mode wireless feature utilises both ER and Wi-Fi to enable advanced capabilities including streaming video, intercom and dynamic graphics. In the absence of a Wi-Fi connection, advanced capabilities can be enabled while docked through a wired Ethernet connection, adding even more versatility for users in any setting. The CEN-ERFGW-POE Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway delivers strong wireless performance up to 60 metres indoors. Crestron enhanced Wi-Fi wireless performance achieves a remarkable 15 metres omnidirectional coverage indoors.

"Wi-Fi is excellent when available, but it does have inherent shortcomings such as delays in button response and intermittent service interruptions," adds Robin. "TST allows you to control your whole home or corporate environment with confidence, without worrying about the common hassles of Wi-Fi. You will never lose control."

Powered by Smart Graphics™, users can interact with animated and 3D-like GUI effects and gestures navigation to swipe, scroll, drag and drop. Browsing through music and movie libraries, TV/radio stations and control apps is amazingly intuitive. Cool kinetic effects bring controls to life when using custom knobs, sliders and gauges. Five soft-touch buttons provide quick access to commonly used functions. Pre-labeled with icons for Power, Home, Lights, Up and Down functions, each button is programmable via the control system for custom functionality and added one-touch convenience.

In addition to interactive touch screen maneuvering, TST-600 features illuminated tactile pushbuttons for quick access to volume adjustment, channel selection and on-screen menu navigation functions. Eight additional pushbuttons located along the edges of the screen support additional programmable functions for virtually infinite custom possibilities.

Exclusive Rava SIP Intercom technology enables hands-free full-duplex VoIP communication between any two Rava-enabled Crestron touch screens and third-party door stations. Telephone and group paging service lets you communicate with anyone inside or outside of the home or across the world.

High-performance H.264 streaming video capability enables viewing of streaming video on the razor sharp high-definition display. Users can view content from media servers, including the Crestron Network Video Streamer, security cameras, web cameras and other H.264 streaming video sources.

Whether turning audio volumes up or down, changing a TV channel, or adjusting lighting levels, TST-600 is always ready to perform on your command. Instant-Waking™ allows TST-600 to work at the press of a button or tap on the touch screen after being idle. No more waiting for a connection, a typical complaint with pure Wi-Fi remotes. Instant-Waking also puts TST-600 into an energy-saving sleep mode after use, preserving battery life. For optimal usability, the long-lasting Lithium ion battery provides several days of use on a single charge, in addition to fast charging times.

The capacitive touch screen offers fast, highly responsive finger touch action, making TSW as simple to navigate as your smart phone or tablet. It's fast, fun and easy to adjust and monitor any system in the home including heating and cooling systems, lighting, home theaters, multiroom audio, security cameras and any other connected device.

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