AET, the global leader in underfloor air-conditioning, has announced that installation of its Flexible Space System has now topped more than 2.5 million square metres, with the system helping to provide space-saving, low-energy comfort heating and cooling for some of the world’s most prestigious commercial developments. 

“The Flexible Space System has reached another impressive milestone,” says Glan Blake Thomas, Managing Director of AET. “Our approach, which delivers air-conditioning from beneath a raised access floor, continues to earn praise and wider specification for the significant benefits it provides to architects, consultants, occupants and the client. These include its height saving capability, allowing more floors to be built within a building compared to one where conventional air-conditioning is fitted, impressive cost savings over other solutions and the configuration flexibility of the resulting office space where the system is fitted.”

The landmark buildings which feature Flexible Space include the Platinum LEED® Certified Parkview Green in Beijing; Kuala Lumpur’s Menara Telekom building and Hong Kong’s Nina Tower, amongst many others.

AET’s Flexible Space System is a duct-free approach to air conditioning commercial buildings, which can cut the cost of total construction by up to 7% and reduce building energy consumption by up to 30%. The whole plenum under the building’s raised access floor becomes the “duct”, with each floor of the building divided into a number of zones depending on the potential use and occupancy density of the area. Each zone is supplied with chilled or warmed air by a conditioned air module (CAM). The underfloor void is split into supply and return air plena using easily relocatable, airtight baffles. Air travels back to the CAM for re-conditioning via return air grilles located over the return plenum.

Using the Flexible Space System brings a reduction in total construction costs by 5-7%, a 10-15% cut in overall height for new builds and easier and quicker construction all round. The use of a raised floor plenum, which features within the Flexible Space System, permits the floor as well as all fittings to change their tax status from “fixtures” to “plant and equipment”. Subsequently, Capital Allowances benefits can provide customers with a considerable reduction in cost.

To learn more about AET, their products, projects and sustainable solutions, contact AET direct by email on aet@flexiblespace.com or visit their website at www.flexiblespace.com.

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