Hibaldstow Primary School in Hopfield has recently undergone major renovations, transforming its dated and dark main hall into a personalised and bright area for the children to enjoy. Thanks to the clever design and specification of Dr. Schutz PU Sealer and PU Design, this has all been achieved at a third of the price for a full floor replacement. 

This main hall is a multipurpose room, used for serving food, extra work space and physical education. The original floor surface was badly worn and left looking grey and uninviting.   The school decided that it was time to replace the floor, but at 100 square metres in size, it was also looking to be a costly project.

Leading installer of anti-slip surfaces, Floor Safe Ltd, was given the brief to establish a bright, clean and, most importantly, safe underfoot environment with hard-wearing and easy-to-maintain qualities. This room is the most highly frequented area within the entire school, so the down time had to be kept to a minimum. Having already been quoted over £6,000 for a floor replacement, the school requested that Floor Safe provide an alternative solution. The solution was Dr. Schutz refurbishing products – PU Sealer and PU Design.

Floor Safe renovated the floor back to their original state and then applied Dr. Schutz PU Sealer. The Sealer guarantees six times higher long-term protection against friction damage than a floor replacement, whilst incorporating anti-slip properties for ensured safety.

Dr. Schutz PU Design was then applied to achieve the aesthetic requirements. Floor Safe applied PU Design in light grey with blue and white flecks as the base coat to achieve a bright terrazzo effect. The installers then embedded the school logo onto the floor, a unique feature that can be achieved by using Dr. Schutz products. 

“With Dr. Schutz products, we were able to carry out the work for £2,450 - a third of the price that the school was originally quoted,” says Glenn MacLaughlan, Managing Director of Floor Safe Ltd. “The school were delighted with the cost saving aspect, the fact that the project took a minimal amount of time to complete, and the overall end result.  We pride ourselves in providing the top-service in floor protection or prevention of slips, therefore it is important for us to choose and use a product we trust. We are dedicated users of Dr. Schutz PU sealers and anti-slip products and our clients reactions are testament to the high quality these products have to offer.

For more info on PU Design or PU Sealer, please contact Dr. Schutz Ireland on 00353 87 767 838. For UK enquiries, please call 01296 437827.

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Editors notes:

Established in 1955, the Dr Schutz organisation is based in Bonn, Germany and has a wealth of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality, innovative care systems for all types of floor coverings.  Represented in over 30 countries, Dr Schutz has been the market leader inGermanyfor many years and has enjoyed considerable international expansion over the last 10 years.  At the same time, Dr Schutz has developed a comprehensive training programme, where delegates can attend courses designed for retailers, contractors and end-users, and which run at the company’s head office in Bonn and at their headquarters in Aylesbury.