Genelec Launches New Active Loudspeaker Series for the Home Audio Market

Genelec, the leading manufacturer of active loudspeaker solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of Home Audio loudspeakers.  Previewed at HighEnd Munich 2012 tradeshow, the new G Series and F Series products build on the 35 year long experience gained in demanding professional environments offering top of the class sound quality for the home user. Designed together with the internationally acclaimed Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, these active loudspeakers can fit a variety of interiors and bring a touch of Finnish design to living rooms and home cinemas.

“During their years on the market, our professional products have become the benchmark for active monitoring loudspeakers across a range of disciplines; studio, broadcast, post-production and fixed installation”, says Terho Savolainen, Marketing Manager of Genelec. “With its combination of excellent performance and user-friendly features, the new range builds on the same design principles extending into the hi-fi and custom install markets where aesthetic considerations can be a persuasive influence. Weʼve responded to this trend by developing a focused product line with user friendly features and some new contemporary finishes specifically for this market.”

G Series

The G Series represents the culmination of Genelecʼs long experience in loudspeaker design and development. Suitable for a wide variety of applications these products can deliver a very powerful sound experience in the home setting with the benefits of the Genelec active loudspeaker design: a very compact enclosure size and easy connectivity to sound sources such as home cinema amplifier, computer, portable music player or a multi-room system.

Practical room response controls are standard on each G Series loudspeaker, enabling them to be adjusted for optimum performance in any environment. The smooth curves of the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) are not designed for good looks alone – they are essential elements in the acoustic design of the G Series loudspeakers.

F Series

The F Series active subwoofers are very compact and powerful products extending the bass response of up to five G Series loudspeakers with accurate and dynamic bass. Designed by Genelecʼs R&D team in cooperation with designer Harri Koskinen, the F Series subwoofers feature an unobtrusive, modern appearance. The different connectivity options provide a convenient connection to portable audio players, computers or home theater systems through their line level outputs.

“The design of the Genelec F Series aimed at versatile use and coordination with the design of the G Series main speaker. This product has a distinct character of its own while blending fluidly into a variety of environments and uses, both for professionals and in the home”, Koskinen describes.

A new feature of all the new products is the convenient automatic signal sensing function that switches the loudspeaker to a power saving stand-by mode if no signal is present in the audio input for approximately one hour. The stand-by power consumption is less than 0,5W. The loudspeaker resumes playback automatically when it detects an audio signal being fed into any of the input connectors.


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