Havells, the global manufacturer of Electrical and Power Distribution Equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of compact RCBOs. Designed to maximise wiring and termination space in distribution boards, the new range is an impressive 25mm shorter than a standard RCBO and offers fully electronic performance for speedy installation and testing.

The new compact RCBOs are part of the Havells Powersafe range of industrial circuit protection and control products. The 17th Edition Wiring regulations - BS7671 continues to drive increased awareness of the important of protection from electric shock through the use of RCD technology.  This has dramatically increased the use of RCBO products in electrical distribution boards, combining the functionality of MCBs with RCD technology into a single device - the RCBO.  

As Gavin Williams, Senior SBU Manager at Havells points out, the compact design of the new product, combined with its reliable performance, will be universally welcomed by contractors:

“Since the introduction of the 17thEdition of the Wiring Regulations in 2008, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of single module RCBOs. This development is to be welcomed for many reasons, but it has also presented challenges for the contractor on-site, who is struggling to cope with less cabling space due to the size of the standard RCBO. With this is mind, we’ve developed the new compact RCBO range to overcome this problem.”

The Havells compact range offers a smaller footprint than standard RCBO products and so frees up room for the contractor to make a quick, safe termination, without any hindrance due to lack of space. Furthermore, the range is fully electronic so requires no separate earth reference wire – an additional benefit for cable routing within a distribution board. Havells RCBOs offer excellent general protection, while also ensuring that essential devices such as smoke / intruder alarms are constantly powered in the event of a trip to their circuits.

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