Helvar is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of its uSee lighting control interface. Phase two sees the addition of two completely new functions (Maintenance and Emergency) as well as a series of improvements and updates to existing uSee functions.

uSee is a web-based interface with a range of features for lighting system management and is designed to be used in conjunction with Helvar’s 905, 910 and 920 routers. It uses graphical layouts that display real-time energy use and light level settings that can be monitored and adjusted to suit conditions.

The new ‘Maintenance’ function enables the user to set alarms for their lighting system. The alarms can be set for either a lamp failure, a missing device or by a defined amount of burn hours, allowing for scheduled lamp replacement. The user can choose to set an alarm for a single device, a group or for all groups. Once triggered the alarm takes the form of an email sent to the defined user.

With the addition of the ‘Emergency’ function, users can now perform both function tests and duration tests for a building’s emergency lighting. It is a legal requirement that these tests are carried out and now uSee enables the user to schedule and log these test as evidence that the emergency lighting system is functioning and the requirements are being adhered to. Both types of test can be scheduled to run automatically, either daily, weekly or monthly.

Alongside the new Maintenance and Emergency functions, Helvar has also made improvements to many functions within uSee:

  • Context sensitive ‘Helpfile’ that allows users to find the help they need easily.
  • An image upload function is now available which allows the user to add their own front page image and replace the function icons with their own graphics.
  • A new defined ‘Site Name’ function allows the user to more easily distinguish between workgroups in facilities where more than one uSee is present
  • The ability for users to monitor energy for set groups and reset burn hours within the configuration fucntion.
  • Users can now also select burn hours for individual channels.

For additional information on how the uSee interface can work for your business please visit www.helvar.com 


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