DFS recently expanded with new stores in Cork, Cannock and Stirling. John Evans Interior Architecture & Design Ltd designed and completed the out-of-town stores, which embrace new technology and enhance furniture presentation.

The format and look of the new DFS stores have been adapted to improve the shopping experience for the customer. The purpose designed Cannock store, situated in a prominent position just off a main traffic island, has been built to replace an existing store in the same area. The building boasts high windows to the front and side and long glazed frontage, accompanied by high ceilings and feature LED up-lighting; creating a strong impact, even before the customer walks into the store.

Working closely with DFS and their specialist consultants, Jupiter Design Ltd, The PAI Group, and Touch2View, the store layout has been carefully planned to guide the customer through a sequence of experiences.

The journey begins with an impressive porcelain tiled entrance, high ceilings and an exciting large format video wall feature, using nine, energy efficient and eco-friendly back lit screens. The customer is then greeted by specially designed and commissioned mirror based lampshades, and LED spotlights which illuminate the inspirational room-sets and complement the large range of furniture on display. LED eco-friendly lighting is used throughout the store; track and ceiling mounted. John Evans carried out all the lighting design to ensure the furniture is lit to its best advantage. 

Growing interest in multi-channel retailing, audio visual messaging and graphic media made their inclusion at the new Cannock building essential. The feature video wall creates impact at the entrance and displays key video footage of current ranges and promotions. Through this a link is created between the current promotional material customers may have already seen in newspapers and television advertising.

The customer’s journey through the store is punctuated with screens delivering digital media content, creating informative pause points. For example, the first pause point lists the frequently asked questions by customers with the answers to each. Another demonstrates the varying cushion types and allows customers to try out these on purpose made chairs.

As part of DFS’s new focus on developing online business, multi-channel retailing was brought into the showroom. A key element of the store’s innovative concept involved the installation of two new interactive ITab points, wrapped in brushed stainless steel and identified with LED illuminated hearts. These 23" ITabs were carefully located along the customer journey and in key sight lines across the store. The ITabs run via the DFS app, allowing the customer to plan a virtual room. Users can select furniture and place it into the 3D room, moving the pieces around as they want; getting a feel for the scale and style. The ITabs also feature a built in online browser where customers can browse the full DFS range, checking items in stock into a favourites list, helping to close the sale.

The Sofa bed area and Coffee Point combine soft lifestyle graphics with larger impact text, to denote and entice customers to the specific areas. The coffee point invites people to stop, relax and ‘have a cuppa’, specifically laid out to allow the customer to sit down, take a break, and consider their options, all whilst in front of a TV playing key messages related to these decisions. Within the sofa bed area AV is used to demonstrate the technicalities of the sofa beds. Illustrating the ease at which they can be released and transformed from a sofa to a bed – again confronting the customer queries which regularly arise.

The store had to be flexible allowing for changes to the range and the ability to cope with evolving furniture fashions over the life of the store. This has been achieved through the clever use of floor finishes including; porcelain tiles, real timber flooring and carpet. The wall finishes were chosen to also work well with different styles of furniture, to compliment it and make the furniture stand out. The walls themselves have been designed to arrest the eye, enabling the customer to make selections between different ranges without restricting views across the store. 

The design provides an innovative use of format and layout which guides the customer around the store drawing their focus on purchasing, by using clever design tactics and technology solutions. The stores have been very well received at DFS, resulting in John Evans Interior Architecture and Design Ltd. receiving instructions to roll out the design across four more stores, scheduled for spring openings.


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