Luctra® has enhanced the guest experience at The Arcadeon Hotel in Hagen, Germany by supplying a range of its human centric lamps. For a selection of its rooms, the hotel has chosen the Luctra® RADIAL TABLE PRO lamp, which has been proven to boost wellbeing and productivity by harnessing the biological effect of light.

The Arcadeon has been managed by Jörg Bachmann since 1998. The classic conference and seminar hotel, which specialises in small and large conferences, congresses and business events, has developed over the last ten years into a hotel that meets all the requirements for a successful meeting venue and also offers its guests an excellent experience in terms of food and comfort.

“We want to offer our guests the best foundation for a successful and enjoyable stay. Of course, that also includes the lighting. I’ve put a lot of thought into the topic of lighting. I was excited about the Luctra® technology from the start because it is well-developed and intuitive to use”, said Jörg Bachmann.

That is why the hotelier opted for Luctra® when furnishing the newly created “transforming rooms”. The novel room concept answers the emerging trend for small group meetings. The hotel rooms have been redesigned so the living space can be transformed easily into a meeting room. The Luctra® lights function both as workplace lighting for the meeting table and as reading lamps for the overnight guests. The timeless design can be integrated into any interior.

Jörg Bachmann has a Luctra® light on his desk and comments, “The lighting technology delivers what it promises. I can set the lighting colour to fit my daily schedule. It has a really positive effect on me. I can feel how much more productive I am”.

By utilising targeted changes of light colour, the Luctra® family of lamps are able to remedy deficits in melatonin and serotonin by helping to stabilise the human biorhythm, ensuring individuals are able to sleep well and feel more rested when carrying out their daily tasks. The TABLE PRO is the premium table lamp within the LUCTRA® range, combining the latest LED technology with award-winning design and biological light effect. Manufactured from the highest grade of aluminium and steel, it is available in three contemporary finishes of aluminium, black or white, ensuring coordination with a multitude of interiors which is complimented by the geometric (LINEAR) or rounded (RADIAL) lamp head design.

Stylish and practical open cooling fins are featured in the unique lamp heads to effectively dissipate the heat from the LEDs, maintaining an operating temperature which never rises above 40°C. This ensures an extremely long service life for the LEDs of up to 50,000 hours, low power consumption and consequently sustainability in every respect. Self-locking joints specially developed for LUCTRA® allow adjustment of the lamp to any desired position and a total of three mounting options are available: a table top (BASE), a table clamp or a pin for insertion into drill holes between 20mm and 80mm in diameter (PIN).

Every lamp in the range benefits from the innovative vitacore® electronic system. This technology offers users intuitive access to luctra® functions and the ability to control the brightness and colour of the light by simply placing a finger on the touch panel. A vitacore® app (not available on the Table or flex model) is also available on Apple and Android systems, allowing a fully adjustable 24-hour lighting sequence to be programmed to automatically vary the colour and intensity of light to simulate natural illumination through the course of the day.

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