Following the successful introduction of the LUCTRA® TABLE PRO desktop lamp and LUCTRA® FLOOR models, DURABLE has launched the smaller LUCTRA® TABLE lamp for bijou office spaces. A sister model to the TABLE PRO, this new LED lamp utilises the latest scientific findings to provide biologically effective light that can be adapted to suit a person’s own daily circadian rhythm. This human centric approach, backed by the latest scientific research, ensures enhanced wellbeing and productivity within the workplace.

The new LUCTRA® TABLE desktop lamp offers three different light temperature settings: 2,700 Kelvin – with a high proportion of red light similar to a sunset, 3,500 Kelvin – comparable to the light of mornings and afternoons, and 6,500 Kelvin – with a high proportion of blue such as in natural bright daylight. The light can be dimmed in five steps in addition to its three light colours, and operation is easy via the intuitive electronic VITACORE® touch panel on the lower end of the lamp body.

Available in geometric LINEAR or rounded RADIAL designs, the lamp heads dissipate the heat from the LEDs effectively with the help of their specially designed cooling fins, ensuring the operating temperature of the LEDs never rises above 40°C. Thanks to high-quality, self-locking joints, the desktop lamp can be bent precisely into any desired position for flexible personalised lighting. At 60cm in height, the model is smaller than the TABLE PRO.

“The LUCTRA TABLE is an ideal addition to our expanding portfolio of outstanding and award-winning humancentric lamps,” says Sean Starkey, Managing Director of DURABLE UK. “In conjunction with our floor standing and TABLE PRO models, the TABLE adds an additional desk lamp to the range. It offers a ground-breaking humancentric lighting solution in a compact form, suited to more modest spaces.”

The innovative range of LUCTRA® lamps has already scooped several prestigious awards including the Interior Innovation Award and the Red Dot Award. The award-winning LUCTRA® lighting system combines visual elegance with high functionality based on the latest scientific findings. The biologically effective light has been verified by the latest scientific research and endorsed by Dr Dieter Kunz, an expert in the importance of lighting for health. The range includes two floor lamps and two table lamps.

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