On Sunday 30thOctober, British Summertime officially ended as the clocks went back an hour. Whilst this gave us all a much needed extra hour in bed and the immediate benefit of lighter mornings; for some of us this subtle change has disrupted our inner body clocks, or circadian rhythm resulting in health problems, fatigue and sleep issues.

The Mini Jetlag

The most common symptom in connection with the seasonal time shift is known as a ‘mini jetlag’.

All human beings have their own personal chrono-biological rhythm. This rhythm adapts itself naturally to the seasons throughout the year as the course of the sun changes, but according to psychologists and medical experts, is severely disrupted by the one hour time shift as we move from Summer to Winter, and vice versa.  In some cases, these changes can have a lasting effect on other biological processes within the body.

Typically, this mini-jetlag manifests itself in tiredness during the day and difficulties with falling and staying asleep at night. It can also lead to irritability, lack of concentration or even fluctuations in the heart rhythm.

LUCTRA® - Biologically Effective Artificial Light

Each individual’s inner clock is set by natural sunlight. However, for many of us, today’s working world often forces us to stay indoors, surrounded by artificial lighting. 

The solution is biologically effective light. Using the latest LED technology, LUCTRA® makes it possible to imitate natural daylight with a broad light spectrum ranging from cold white light (6,500 kelvin) to warm white light (2,700 kelvin). Cold white light is present most in nature during the morning, triggering a high performance level and supporting an individual’s ability to concentrate. In contrast, warm white evening light stimulates the production of the endogenous hormone melatonin, which helps us to relax and prepares us for sleep.   

LUCTRA®’s biologically effective lighting has been designed for both commercial and residential use and is endorsed by Dr Dieter Kunz, an expert in the importance of lighting for health. By using LUCTRA®, the user’s circadian rhythm can be stabilised resulting in healthier sleep patterns, more energy and enhanced performance during the day. The revolutionary human centric lighting solution is clinically proven to enhance user well-being and counteract the negative impact of the bi-annual time change.

Users can also benefit from the VITACORE® electronic system offers intuitive access to LUCTRA® functions and the ability to control the brightness and colour of the light by simply placing a finger on the glass touch panel. A VITACORE® app is also available on Apple and Android systems, allowing a fully adjustable 24-hour lighting sequence to be programmed to automatically vary the colour and intensity of the light. The system can be programmed to stimulate the best natural light in accordance to the user’s daily schedule and most productive hours throughout the course of the day.

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