Meridian Audio is delighted to announce a new partnership with DT Screens, a market leading projection screen supplier. 

Meridian will be able to offer dealers the DT Screens solution as part of its growing home theatre product portfolio, including top-of-the-range projectors from Barco, to create the ultimate home cinema experience.

“Our new partnership with DT Screens is a really exciting development for Meridian,” says Rayner Sheridan, Meridian’s Director of Marketing. “Working together with DT Screens allows us to expand our offering to dealers so that we can provide a comprehensive home cinema solution, in addition to a range of projectors from Barco Residential and our own audio systems. We are delighted to be able to expand our product offering to include this innovative technology, and look forward to working with dealers on some wonderful home cinema projects.”

DT Screens offer the very highest quality and are also easy to install and integrate into home cinemas. DT Screens wide range of models offer complete flexibility in size and aspect ratio, which makes it easy to deliver the perfect viewing experience. All models are available up to 5.1m in width as standard, and can be created in much larger sizes on request. The screen fabrics are acoustically transparent so speakers can be positioned behind the screen for perfect audio reproduction. The ultimate home cinema needs the perfect screen, and DT Screens is the ideal partner to provide it.

DT Screens flagship Dynamic series of motorised masking screens are the most advanced and easy to use masking solution available, made possible through meticulous design and engineering. Custom designed silent motors, a bespoke control system with screen awareness logic and unique sensors connected to the masking bars ensure an exceptionally accurate operation but with greatly simplified command interface. It is even possible to assemble a Dynamic screen directly on to the wall which is a major benefit when working with tight spaces or large screens.

“We wanted to make specifying and installing a projection screen as easy as possible for dealers,” says Neil Davidson, Managing Director of DT Screens. “Pricing is divided in to 30cm bands based only on screen width, so that the initial proposal can be made quickly without having to worry about the impact of small changes later. We have also developed our screens so that the aluminium frame mounted on the wall first, and then the projection surface and velvet bezels can be installed at the very end of the project. This is a key innovation that makes the installation process much easier for the dealer, and ensures that the sensitive screen is not damaged during the project.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Meridian,” Neil continues. “Meridian shares our passion for creating the ultimate experience for our customers and offering technology of the highest quality. With Meridian on board as a distributor, we look forward to growing our presence in the UK market, and working together to provide the complete home cinema solution.”

To help create a superior home cinema, Meridian’s complimentary Design and Specification Service can assist dealers in planning their project schemes as efficiently and accurately as possible. DT Screens are now fully integrated into this service, alongside Meridian’s own audio systems, Barco’s projectors and Cinema–ATS’ acoustic treatment solutions, to provide installers with a complete audio-visual scheme. Meridian’s own home cinema in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, incorporates a winning combination of Meridian, Cinema–ATS, DT Screens and Barco Residential product to create a fantastic showcase for dealers and their clients.

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