New Genelec Speaker Range Completes Modern Minimalist Home

Finnish home audio installer, HaloRadio, has recently completed a challenging installation to a modern and minimalist designed home in Espoo, Finland. The installation showcases the new G Series range of speakers from pro-sound specialist, Genelec, and the project marks its step into the home audio arena. 

Drawing on over 35 years of designing active monitoring loudspeakers for the demands of audio professionals for broadcasting, studio recording and live performance, the new G Series speakers used in the Espoo residence benefit from this prestige, while also acknowledging a new set of practicalities for a residential setting – size, aesthetic and differing mounting styles.

One of the key challenges for HaloRadio was to source a speaker set that would comfortably sit in the home’s extremely minimal design scheme and not detract from it. Both installer and homeowner were not prepared to sacrifice sound quality in their search.

With the colour scheme being predominantly white with black feature walls, the Genelec ranges were a natural fit and with the G Series featuring the award-winning design by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, it added a beautiful, subtle aesthetic to the stylised interior design.

In the living room, HaloRadio designed a system of black G-Three speakers which blend into the feature wall. The size of the space would typically require and arrangement of four or more speakers. However, Genelec’s provenance has seen them render broad bandwidth sound with high output and low colouration from a compact unit (5" bass and 3/4" treble) to provide sufficient quality and volume from just 2 speakers.

In the property’s home cinema room a more expansive system has been installed to provide an immersive sound experience for a variety of uses, including music, gaming and movies. The setup here comprises an arrangement of three G-Threes, two wall mounted G-Two speakers, a Genelec subwoofer and two further in-wall speakers located in kitchen.

The G-Two speakers are the same design as the G-Three range and also benefit from Genelec’s active technology and bi-amplification but are smaller in size (4" bass and 3/4" treble). Offering the same level of clarity with a 20w output, both ranges incorporate the new Intelligent Signal-Sensing™ technology, devised to save on wasted electricity in standby mode and to meet upcoming European legislation – the Energy related Products (ErP) Directive.

With electronic activity detection circuitry built in, the ISS system monitors the power supply going to the speaker to determine if it is in use. If the ISS circuit is not finding any audio on the input for a period of time (i.e. has been left in standby mode), ISS automatically puts the speaker to a low-power sleep state where the loudspeaker will consume less than 0.5 watts of power.

This is an effective way of reducing wasted energy in the home and operates autonomously, so the homeowners do not have to remember to switch this function on. Conversely, the Autostart function will see the speakers power up when an audio feed reconnected.

Bass support in the cinema room is provided by a 7050B Genelec active subwoofer. Similar to the G-Series, this model is able to offer high-performance bass articulation from a compact unit. This is possible due to the patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™), a spiral-shaped design that yields an extremely rigid exterior while forming the sub’s integral port.  This results in extraordinarily accurate and responsive low-frequencies, with measured second and third harmonic distortion level.

The final components of the cinema room, which are also installed in the kitchen, are the pairs of AIW25 in-ceiling speakers. These are a practical solution for any application where discretion and wider attention to a design scheme is required. The units fit flush and the exposed frames can be painted to match a room’s decoration.

This two-way model is supplied with its own remote amplifier module and provides unrivalled neutrality, low distortion and high sound pressure to any comparable speaker of its size. Well suited to retrofit projects, these speakers slotted in seamlessly to the Espoo home with the only noticeable   impact being the excellent audio performance.

With superior sound across the property being provided from an installation that complements the design scheme, HaloRadio has successfully met a complicated brief. With pro-sound quality and home audio functionality and design, Genelec fills a niche in loudspeakers manufacture for the home.

The new G and F Series completes Genelec’s home audio range which can successfully cater for every sized listening environment. Each model in its arsenal encompasses the same positive attribute: neutrality of sound, accuracy of the soundstage and unsurpassed reliability.


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Editors Notes:

Since the founding of Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been at the core of the business. An unrivalled commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and established Genelec as the industry leader in active monitors. Over 35 years later Genelec monitoring products remain true to the original philosophy, offering reliability, neutral sound reproduction regardless of size, as well as the ability to adapt frequency response to the listening environment. Genelec clients receive paramount support in all aspects of the field, from acoustical advice and calibration services to technical service and long product life span. Buying a Genelec product is the soundest investment in audio monitoring.