Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, is celebrating its tenth year of being awarded Ethical Accreditation.  The Aylesbury-based company has once again scored highly in an analysis of its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrating Osmo’s continued commitment to customers, staff, trade colleagues and shareholders.

Applicants to the Ethical Company Accreditation Scheme are subject to a stringent evaluation under the categories of Environment, Animals and People, covering topics such as environment, animal rights, and human rights.  Ethical Company Accreditation is awarded to organisations which obtain an outstanding overall score in an evaluation of their Corporate Social Responsibility record, and which are successfully screened against other companies within their market sectors.  Osmo can carry on displaying the Ethical Award and Ethical Company logos, providing consumers with a guarantee, that as a company, Osmo has good ethical standards.

The Ethical Company Organisation’s research and screening process also applies to the applicant’s ultimate holding company and any subsidiaries.   The procedure is repeated annually to ensure that the record of companies holding the Ethical Company Accreditation award remains up to date.  Successful applicants have license to use the Ethical Company Logo on letterheads, websites, and other promotional material.

The Ethical Company Organisation recently compiled ethical comparison research on paint brands, and Osmo ranked top against eleven other brands. Osmo scored top ranking for environmental report, nuclear power, animal welfare, human rights, armaments, political donations, ethical accreditation, boycott and other criticisms. This has resulted in Osmo being awards a 95 Ethical Company Index.

For more information about The Ethical Company Organisation please visit www.ethical-company-organisation.org and to learn more about Osmo’s range of eco-friendly wood finishing solutions, visit www.osmouk.com .

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