A family in Sudbury, Derbyshire is benefiting from savings of up to £100 per month after Trent and Dove Housing Ltd and contractor, J Tomlinson replaced their existing solid fuel boiler with a Panasonic air source heat pump. 

Trent and Dove Housing Ltd provide affordable housing for rent and part ownership across East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire.  One of the housing association’s aims is to supply renewable technologies to provide its tenants with more efficient, cost effective systems.  Working with J Tomlinson, Trent and Dove Housing has tried and tested various options including photovoltaic, solar thermal and a number of air source heating installations. 

The housing association was presented with an opportunity to provide a family in Sudbury with a more efficient heating system, and J Tomlinson specified Panasonic’s T-Cap 9kW Mono Bloc Air Source Heat pump.

Mrs Collyer and her family originally had a solid fuel boiler which provided both heating and hot water.  While they were reasonably satisfied with the system, they were concerned about the mess and the time involved in cleaning and maintaining the system.  There was limited control over the solid fuel boiler, which also made it extremely difficult to control the heating. When the option to change to an air source heat pump arose, Mr and Mrs Collyer were more than happy to proceed.

The installation commenced on the 1stNovember 2013 following an initial survey. During the survey, the tenants were advised about the process and benefits of having a new system installed. The preparatory work was then undertaken by J Tomlinson. A base was formed for the external unit and a new power supply fitted. A lamp was also installed into the outside storeroom where the new cylinder would be positioned.  The J Tomlinson team visited the site three days later and installed the Panasonic Aquarea unit.  The whole project took seven days to complete, with a supervisor from J Tomlinson and Panasonic engineer commissioning the air source heat pump on the 7thNovember 2013.

“We are very pleased with the end result,” commented Neil Knightsmith, Contracts Manager at J Tomlinson. “The system was easy to install and is now generating great savings for the tenants.  There is an evident increase in demand within the social housing sector for energy efficient and easy-to-manage heating systems. We are experienced in replacing expensive fuel or oil boilers, and providing alternative renewable heating solutions. Panasonic makes this daunting move for customers an easy adjustment. The Mono Bloc T-Cap system is compact, requiring minimum space which is often an issue in social housing.”

J Tomlinson team visited the property approximately six weeks after the installation, and were delighted to find out that the tenants are already saving between £10 - £20 per week on fuel costs.  This saving is attributable to the Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps being an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution compared to using solid fossil fuel boilers, oil and other electrical systems.

Panasonic’s air-to-water Mono Bloc Air Source Heat Pump is designed specifically for the UK market, where space is limited and high performance is required.  The outdoor and indoor units are combined into one easy-to-install and compact enclosure, saving time and installation costs. With a COP of 4.41, up to 78% savings can be made on heating expenses. 

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