Panasonic has redesigned its heat recovery box also known as a Solenoid Valve Kit, making it quieter, more efficient and smaller than ever!  The new super-efficient design also means reduced installation and maintenance of HVAC systems. 

The new kits provide installation flexibility, commonly required with system redesigns for multi-tenanted buildings whilst at the same time, meeting the latest industry regulations.

The Valve Kit’s new compact design uses less copper piping than other models available on the market today. Its small size means it is easier to handle on site and install in tight places.  The Solenoid Valve Kit can be installed up to 30m away from its associated indoor unit (from which it draws its power), thus making it is easier to install valves into dedicated plant rooms to maximise comfort for the HVAC system’s users.

The new kits are compatible with the Panasonic’s 3-pipe ECOi and ECOg VRF systems, enabling fully automatic, simultaneous heating and cooling operation, and heat recovery.

Panasonic technology enables the centralised 3-way valves to be used to connect indoor units up to a total capacity of 16kW under the same valve, with the capability of regulating set point temperature, fan speed, and vanes direction separately, for each indoor unit.   Also, the new Solenoid Valve kit requires less refrigerant than other centralized valves on the market (typically up to 50 % less), saving further on costs.

Marc Diaz, Country Manager, Panasonic comments “The new solenoid valve kits are designed to make installation an easier task for busy contractors.  Enabling temperature control of separate units in a multiple system, the new kit is neatly packaged in one compact box, and is lightweight and easy to handle.  Also, as the unit draws its power supply from the indoor unit, there is no need for an additional power supply making installation and siting even simpler.   The Solenoid Valve Kits are a really efficient way of delivering individual control of multiple indoor units.”

The Panasonic solenoid valve kit is compact in design - only 147mm high (without the removable bracket) - and takes its power from the indoor unit saving the cost of an additional electrical supply.  The compact boxes are designed for quiet operation, and can be sited up to 30m from the unit to which it is connected.

Individual control of multiple indoor units with solenoid valve kits

  • Any design and layout can be used in a single system
  • Cooling operation is possible with an outdoor temperature of -10⁰C

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