Panasonic’s series of VRF 3-pipe ECOi units offer simultaneous heating and cooling solutions

The new 3-pipe ECOi MF2 series from Panasonic is specifically designed for energy saving and high efficiency performance. With a wide choice of outdoor and indoor units, this series is ideal for the most demanding of offices and large buildings.

The new ECOi 3-pipe is one of the most advanced VRF systems available.  Not only does it offer high-efficiency and performance, its sophisticated design makes installation and maintenance much easier.   

The five types of outdoor units with different capacities have been standardized to one compact case. Significant development has taken place to optimise thermal transfer. Refrigerant pipe work has been specially designed to maximise the airflow profile within the heat exchanger, providing and even dissipation of thermal energy.

As Marc Diaz, Country Manager, Panasonic explains: “Our new 3-pipe ECOi MF2 series offers the highest COP (Coefficient of Performance) in the industry of 4.77 at full load for our 8 HP units.  It can provide simultaneous heating and cooling for up to 52 indoor units and with a maximum capacity of 48HP it’s a fantastic solution even for the most demanding of VRF requirements.”

Other benefits include increased piping length which can be adapted to a variety of building types and sizes. A maximum length of 180m can be achieved from the outdoor unit to the furthest indoor unit.

By using R410a with low pressure loss, pipe sizes for discharge, suction and liquid are all reduced.  This makes it possible for reduced piping and therefore a reduction of the piping material costs.

The operating range has also been extended for both cooling and heating functions.  By changing the outdoor fan to an inverter the cooling range has been extended by -10°c and using a compressor with a high pressure vessel, has seen an increase in the heating range even with an outside temperature of -20°c.

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