QMotion UK has introduced QiS, a simple to install, wireless solution for controlling motorised roller blinds in boutique hotel bedrooms, meeting rooms and banqueting areas. This breakthrough product is attractive, easy to operate and, unlike other automated blinds, allows for manual adjustment by users, without the risk of causing any damage to the mechanism. 

 “Smart blind control technology is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry,” comments Ian Claxton, Director at QMotion UK. “It’s a perfect fit for the cool ‘wow factor’ aesthetic of the boutique hotel. The QMotion QiS solution can be installed as a new or retrofit upgrade to guest room and public spaces and is versatile and robust enough to handle manual operation, where users may be unfamiliar or unaware of the automated option.”

With QiS, users benefit from enhanced communication consistency, due to built-in signal collision avoidance over the self-healing ZigBee mesh network. Multiple blinds can be easily grouped and automated to raise and lower to four selected, programmable positions in unison. QMotion UK shades allow guests to open or close their shades at a touch of a button, or via their personal mobile devices using the QMotion IoS or Android app, from the comfort of their bed or anywhere in the room. Built with automatic safety braking, the blinds never pass completely over the top of the roller when rising providing carefree blind control.

QMotion’s patented manual-override command allows users to operate the blinds by hand, where required, without damaging the automated mechanism. This feature is ideal for hotels where guests tend to interact with shades directly, bringing a new level of convenience to shade control.

Aesthetics are also important. QMotion roller shade brackets are the industry’s thinnest, guaranteeing a sleek shading system for any hotel room where design integrity is important. This also reduces the side light gaps to 13mm on each side for optimum room shading performance. A full range of high quality fabric design and colour options are available, including a bespoke service, enabling QMotion UK to meet any hospitality design or branding requirements.

QMotion UK blinds are also ultra-energy efficient thanks to the company’s patented spring-counterbalancing system which keeps motor power consumption to an absolute minimum and delivers near silent operation in every application for great customer experience.

QiS with ZigBee HA 1.2 control is shipping in the UK and Europe today. For more information on QiS or to view the company’s full range of solutions, please visit http://www.qmotionshades.co.uk/. To arrange product and installation training, please contact info@qmotionsshades.co.uk.

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About QMotion UK

Headquartered in Milton Keynes, QMotion UK manufactures a comprehensive range of motorised blinds for installation in new and retrofit home and office integration projects. Solutions are available direct to installers in the UK or via the company’s network of distribution partners across Europe. QMotion’s industry leading, patented technology is designed and developed by Q Motion Incorporated based out of Pensacola, Florida.