Wood has long been a popular material for furniture due to its durability, versatility and striking natural appearance. However, whether it’s 10 or 100 years old, every day wear and tear can take its toll on wood, deteriorating the furniture’s quality and look. 

Unknown to many, one of the most effective and common methods of restoring wooden furniture is simply reviving the surface. Worn wood can be sanded, cleaned and re-finished to present a fresh canvas with an as-new appearance. For furniture pieces that have a build-up of wax, unsightly finger prints or white rings, an abrasion technique may be required.

Many good furniture finishes are designed to be thick to prevent any impermeable damage from penetrating the wood. For example, white rings are a common wooden stain that has soiled the wax, polish or finish, rather than the wood itself. An abrasion technique will allow you to ‘wear’ away the damage that is on the finish, revealing the undamaged, original wood underneath. To achieve a smooth, consistent finish, the abrasion method will need to be applied on the entire surface of the wood before applying a finish.

Once cleaned, it is important to examine the wood closely to see if there are any scuffs which need to be repaired. If there are any dents or small scrapes, use a wood filler product to even out the damaged wood surface.

To finish, it is recommended to use a high quality product that is compatible with your specified finish. This will ensure that once the wood has been cleaned, sanded and the final finishing treatment is applied, the repaired surface will be camouflaged against the rest of the wood without leaving unsightly marks. The natural features of wood can be enhanced with a clear protective finish or can be individualised with colours and different textured finishes.

Please see a list below of Osmo UK products, made from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, that will help restore any wooden furniture:

Osmo’s Liquid Wax Cleaner

Osmo Wood Filler

Osmo Polyx-Oil

Osmo Polyx-Oil Raw

Wood Wax Finish

Wood Protector

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