Rico Restaurant Puts Great Genelec Sound on the Menu

After an extensive six-month renovation process, Rico opened its doors earlier this year to an overwhelmingly positive reception. Diners have relished the Linköping restaurant’s attractive décor, relaxed ambience and fresh produce, with a keen focus on locally sourced meats. A host of Genelec 4020s, 4030s and 4040s have been installed across the premises, which deliver audio clarity to accompany the restaurant’s delicious food and stylish surroundings.

With sound playing a key role in creating an inviting restaurant atmosphere, it was important to establish an environment at just the right audio levels; low enough so that it did not disturb conversations, while still keeping the environment lively and energised.

Stockholm-based system integrator Watt & Volt took care of the audio installation and sales. Opting for Genelec loudspeakers, Carl Ingler of Watt and Volt said: “We were looking for a solution which delivered high quality sound with good looks, low maintenance and high reliability. This was of particular importance in this install, because the speakers are used for large parts of the day, on every day of the week. We’ve been delighted with the performance of the 4000 series, which deliver great range across the restaurant at low, medium and high levels.”

Spacious dining areas can often prove to be tricky acoustic environments, and it can be difficult to ensure an even distribution of sound. In order to combat this, the firm specified a generous quantity of speakers so that they could be run at low volume during lunch and dinner time. This has led to significantly improved sound, with wider dispersion. As an additional benefit, the larger number of speakers has also meant that when playing at high volume, noise pollution was also reduced to Rico’s neighbours. DIP switches were also used to make precise local adjustments throughout the restaurant without having to add more DSP power. All of the staff have been delighted with the overall sound quality, being particularly impressed with how much bass the system can handle, with no additional subwoofers installed.

The Genelec 4020, 4030 and 4040 are compact and powerful two-way active loudspeakers designed for indoor commercial and professional installations. All models contain an integrated amplification unit comprising an active electronic crossover, overload protection circuitry and two power amplifiers, one for each driver. With no need for external amplifiers, the 4000 series delivers great performance and value in an elegant solution. For more information on the 4000 series and other Genelec products, visit www.genelec.com.

Kit list

2x Genelec 4040 in the Bar

2x Genelec 4030 in Chambre separée

9x Genelec 4020 in the Restaurangen


Yamaha MTX3 processor (App available for Android & iOS).

Control panel in the bar Yamaha DCP4v4s to allow local control of input and level 

Control panel in VIP Room

Yamaha DCP1v4s

XLR wall connectors in the Bar and VIP room = Kramer. WXL-2F

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