RIDI Lighting has launched a new addition to its ARKTIK-LED modular recessed range, which is perfect for education and commercial applications. 

ARKTIK-ME PSQ creates a broad distribution of light from its flush recessed design and its wrap-around central prismatic diffuser adds performance while ensuring sufficient glare control.

Mike Attard, Managing Director at RIDI Lighting comments: “The ARKTIK-ME PSQ design features the trademark ARKTIK ice-frosted wings, which give a subtle ambience and provide shadow free widespread illumination. The standout feature of this product is that wrap-around central prismatic diffuser which adds visual interest as well as a boost of direct lighting. This enables it to deliver more light output for less energy than any comparative luminaire on the market, without compromise to performance or reliability.”

ARKTIK-ME PSQ uses a square microprismatic diffuser to add intensity and optical control, which gives high luminaire lumens per watt ratio of over 113lm/w. Its discrete and innovative design is able to achieve a fully flush ceiling line, whilst allowing a wider controlled distribution of light. High efficiency ensures that required lux levels for work spaces and other zones are reached with fewer luminaires than is traditionally needed for a standard office layout, meaning that costs can be substantially reduced.

The sturdy construction of the luminaire is thanks to its 90mm deep steel body with a removable aluminium frame. This also allows for quick and easy access for servicing the luminaire in the future. ARKTIK-ME PSQ is manufactured at RIDI’s facility in Jungingen, and is designed to fit a all 600x600 ceiling grid variations for maximum application potential. The luminaire features RIDI's LED boards, designed and produced in its German factory, and industry-leading LED chips that have been rigorously tested for performance.

ARKTIK-ME PSQ will achieve a minimum 50,000 hours of maintenance-free performance to industry standard L80. Over the total lifetime of the luminaire, light output and reliability are maintained accordingly. At the end of life, the boards are designed to be easily unplugged and replaced. The luminaires are supported by RIDI's 5-year LED warranty and 10 year availability of parts.

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