Spectral Lighting has provided an energy efficient and aesthetically beautiful lighting scheme to the new 4 storey Science building at the University of Hertfordshire, working alongside engineering consultancy Couch Perry & Wilkes. 

The appearance of the light fitting was of paramount importance to the university, as it wanted a suspended luminaire that had an interesting body form and lens combination. The Spectral JEP luminaire fitted the bill perfectly, and the university particularly liked the unique curved shape of the fitting and it’s trademark holographic effect created by the LED’s on the curved microprismatic lens. The engineering integrity of the luminaire was also key and compliance of glare control was an additional issue that had to be addressed.

“The University of Hertfordshire asked us to design an efficient and exciting lighting scheme for its labs,” says Andrew Harris, Associate at Couch Perry & Wilkes. “We selected the Spectral JEP fitting because it offered the fantastic quality of light that end users needed and the appearance of the luminaire reflected the Architectural aspirations. The University places great importance on sustainability, and the excellent performance of Spectral’s LED luminaires helped the University to achieve a BREEAM rating of “Excellent” and enhance the ‘green credentials’ of the campus overall.”

Energy efficiency was also a key requirement for the university. The lighting system needed to contribute significant energy savings, while providing a fantastic quality of light that allowed the students and scientists to work effectively on complex tasks. Spectral’s JEP fitting ticked both boxes, offering a high quality of light with a very even distribution. Different labs had a variety colour rendering requirements, but Spectral was able to tune each luminaire to suit the application perfectly.

“The university were delighted with the Spectral JEP fittings we supplied,” says Martin Wigley, National Sales Manager for RIDI Lighting. “Our solution fulfilled all the criteria for the project, including generating considerable energy savings, providing a fantastic quality of light so the students can get their work done, and giving the right aesthetic appearance that the University wanted.”

The fittings were installed in two stages. In the first stage, the ceiling fixings and wiring was connected to a floating flex plug and suspensions. Then, in stage two, the main bodies of the luminaires were suspended and plugged in. This prevented the luminaires being damaged or marked during the installation period, as damage can often occur once lights are installed. The change in installation procedure meant that that Spectral had to redesign the JEP fittings, which, with their in-built flexibility, was easy to accommodate.

Laboratories can often be home to harmful airborne pathogens and particles from experiments. This requires rigorous cleaning procedures, which includes the light fittings. The Spectral luminaires installed in these specific labs where these particles were present had to have a IP rating of 54, so that these potentially harmful particles could not reside within the fitting and avoid being destroyed during cleaning.

JEP provided the perfect lighting solution for the University of Hertfordshire’s labs. Supplying a high quality of light so that the students could perform complex scientific experiments was crucial, but Spectral’s luminaires stood out from the crowd because of their beautiful appearance, quality distribution of light and the energy savings they were able to generate.


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Editors’ Notes:

Spectral is part of the RIDI Group, based inGermany. Spectral Lighting has a strong heritage of working with leading architects throughoutGermanyand we are pleased to announce we are now in theUK- and are already making an impression.

Spectral is original because we don't follow generic market trends of luminaire design: we design luminaires with a passion and we dare to be different. We take design input from architects and interior designers, and as a result, most of our luminaires have received coveted international awards such as iF and Reddot. Above all we have products that can be tailored to suit your project needs because at Spectral, we like to Bend the Rules.