Warwick Business School’s (WBS) London base opened on the 17th floor of the iconic Shard building in 2015, as part of the University of Warwick's 50th anniversary celebrations. 

This facility provides an outstanding working environment for students to take courses away from WBS’ Warwickshire campus.

As part of the large project, Spectral Lighting’s popular STORA LK fittings were used within the computer lab, offering an innovative and contemporary feel to the space. “We thought that the STORA luminaires would give a really unique look to our computer lab, while still providing the energy saving benefits we needed from its LED. We have received a number of compliments on the lighting, and how it encompasses the modern architecture of the building.” commented Sean Turner, Information Systems Consultant at Warwick Business School.

STORA LK uses a stunning profiled aluminium extrusion and the flexibility of LED technology to create a classic and timeless aesthetically pleasing pendant. This is the first time that STORA LK chandelier has been used in this type of setting, proving that it really is a multifunctional piece.

The pendant features continuous direct lighting and offers the perfect balance between great design and great efficiency. The design of the luminaire means that all of the light is used effectively while still offering both a modern luminaire design and an engaging light effect. The extruded aluminium body acts as a thermal control to the LEDs keeping the temperature constant and the output to an optimum.

STORA LK is produced using top quality materials, including LED boards, which are produced in-house at Spectral’s German facility, making it both durable and efficient. For more information on the STORA range, please visit

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Spectral is part of the RIDI Group, based in Germany. Spectral Lighting has a strong heritage of working with leading architects throughout Germany and we are pleased to announce we are now in the UK - and are already making an impression.

Spectral is original because we don't follow generic market trends of luminaire design: we design luminaires with a passion and we dare to be different. We take design input from architects and interior designers, and as a result, most of our luminaires have received coveted international awards such as iF and Reddot. Above all we have products that can be tailored to suit your project needs because at Spectral, we like to Bend the Rules.