Westerland Slates Make the Cut for Bell Homes

Approximately 4000 Cembrit Westerland A+ rated fibre cement slates have been used alongside existing natural slate in a manor house conversion project that has split the substantial property into two large homes.

The Bell Homes conversion, just five minutes away from Cheltenham town centre, preserves the original character of the homes, while improving the areas which had fallen into disrepair over the years. The roofing element features Cembrit’s Westerland A+ rated fibre cement slates which have been used alongside some existing natural slates. The Westerlands are able to blend seamlessly with the natural slate on the project thanks to a ‘dressed edge’ which gives the slates an authentic, traditional appearance. Installed by Brown Roofing of Evesham, Westerland is a versatile slate that offers the appearance of natural slate with the cost-effectiveness of fibre cement.

“It’s great to be able to find a fibre cement slate that can integrate so well with natural slates,” says Robert Brown of Brown Roofing. “We are delighted with the finished result and the ease with which the Westerland slates were installed meant we had a project that ran smoothly throughout the process.”

Fibre cement slates such as Westerland, are an excellent alternative to concrete tiles. Not only do they perform well and are extremely versatile, they can also be cut with hand tools - all that is required is a scribe and straight edge.  No power tools are necessary. Fibre cement slates are available in a uniform size, thickness, and shape, the slates are pre-drilled for quick and easy fixing which saves time on site and therefore lower cost. 

Westerland slate is a good alternative to natural slate as it has a similar appearance. Its attractive riven surface and natural dressed edges make it an ideal solution for situations where a traditional appearance is important. It is manufactured to the highest European standards and is lightweight, pre-holed, suitable for all types of projects. The slate is easy to handle and install, it is durable and offers an economic alternative to natural roofing materials.

An EPD (Environmental Product Decleration) issued by the IBU is available on request covering all Cembrit’s fibre cement slate brands.

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