Charitable Will Aid solicitors raise record £2.1 million

Charitable Will Aid solicitors have pulled out all the stops to help raise a record breaking £2.1 million for charity. During the November Will Aid campaign, they invited people to have their Will professionally written and to donate to the Will Aid charities instead of paying a fee. The response was tremendous and many people stepped through the door of a solicitors' office, often for the first time, to ensure that their families are protected if the worst happens.

Nationwide, the campaign has been the most successful to date, encouraging 25,000 people around the UK to make a Will with a solicitor. In addition, almost 5,000 people registered their Will with Certainty, the National Will Register. This means that a Will can easily be located when it is needed.

The money raised by Will Aid’s hard working solicitors is used by the nine charities to help thousands of people in the UK and overseas. It really does transform lives. For example, here in the UK, Katie has benefitted from a Save the Children project (FAST, families and schools together). This award-winning scheme gives parents guidance on how to work with their children at home to improve their learning and development, so that they can reach their full potential at school. Katie had just started primary school, but she was struggling to read and write. Her dad, Craig, could not read or write himself and felt that he couldn’t help Katie to learn at home. After only eight weeks of taking part in FAST there has been a big change in Katie’s school achievement. Her grades have improved and she’s much more confident in class.

Chris Millward, Head of Legacies at Save the Children and Chair of Will Aid, said:

Last November’s campaign was a fantastic success and we are delighted that so many people chose to have their Will written by a professional solicitor and that such a huge sum of money was raised through their kind donations to the Will Aid charities. This money really does change lives for the better. I would like to thank all the solicitors and Will-makers who took part. It is a great achievement to have raised this enormous sum in just a few weeks. The participating charities are really grateful for the life changing work this makes possible.”

Shirley Marsland, Will Aid Campaign Manager, said:

We are very grateful to the solicitors who worked so hard for Will Aid and to the public who responded so enthusiastically to the opportunity Will Aid offers them to have a professionally drafted Will and to give so generously to the Will Aid charities. This year we would like to help even more people protect themselves with a properly drafted Will and invite other solicitors to contact us about taking part

The campaign will run again in November 2012. For more information about how to register, please visit: or phone 01460 271178.

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Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine of the UK's best-loved charities. Every November, participating solicitors waive their fee for writing a basic Will. Instead, they invite their clients to make a donation to Will Aid. Each year, thousands of people use the Will Aid scheme. Solicitors taking part not only gain the satisfation of helping to raise funds for life-changing charity work, but also benefit from positive local publicity and introductions to valuable new clients. Will Aid has raised over £11m and helped 175,000 people to get the peace of mind from having a professionally written Will.