Speed and relief for Solberg in Sweden

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Speed and relief for Solberg in Sweden

Petter Solberg got stuck in traffic and lost his chance to fight for victory at this weekend’s World RX of Sweden.

The triple FIA World Champion battled back from a DNF in the first qualifying to go into the semis in a sensational THIRD place (having dropped to 15th). But in the start of the semi-final Petter couldn’t get the car into third gear. He came out behind a slower car and was unable to make the final.

Solberg said: “It’s fair to say this hasn’t been the best weekend for us. Maybe we got out of jail a little bit here, with the points difference staying the same.

“I felt that we had the speed to win, and everything seemed very, very bright after the qualifying heats. But in the semi-final I came out behind (Johan) Kristoffersson and got stuck while the others came from behind (the joker lap) and gained time on us all the way.

“The good thing is that, once again, we showed we had the speed to fight at the front, but the weekend has been a challenging one for us.

The racing was good for the guys in the final and another win for Andreas [Bakkerud] is good for him. I’m happy for [Sébastien] Loeb as well and for Timmy [Hansen] also on the podium. But you know me, I’m a fighter and I always want to be in the final and trying to take points. It hurts when we don’t get there.

I’m very disappointed, but I’m also kind of relieved! Now we have some time before Canada and we will work again on the strategy. For sure, the second half of the season looks very bright and very, very exciting for PSRX.

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The PSRX race weekend

Q1 – DNF  (position in the standings after qualifying one races)

Fantastic start from Petter, he chased Davy Jeanney through the first lap and unfortunately hit him going into the joker lap. Petter hit the wall and was unable to continue.

Q2 – 5th

Another great start from the defending World RX champion, this time in pouring rain. Petter went for the joker on lap two and was looking good for the win. Unfortunately, having lost radio contact with his spotters, Petter had no idea Andreas Bakkerud was going on the attack (mirrors and windows offer little guidance as to what other cars are doing when they’re covered in mud…). Bakkerud passed Petter at the Velodrome corner.

Q3 –1st

Petter made a fantastic start, took the joker on the second lap and maintained maximum attack to dominate Q3 and climb 11 places from P15 to P4.

Q4 –3rd

Third into the first corner, Petter takes the joker on the first lap – only for Ekström to take a late call and dive into the joker ahead of him. Petter takes a more sensible approach to take third and a place in the semi-finals.

Semi-final – 4th

Kristoffersson led from the start. Ekström and Hansen jokered on lap one. With all eyes on Solberg and Kristoffersson  at the front, Hansen and Ekström drove in clean air. Petter took the joker on lap 5 and exits behind them and then Kristoffersson exits from his joker one lap later in second position. Solberg finished fourth.

Drivers’ championship positions:

1 Ekström                      142pts

2 Solberg                     137pts

3 Bakkerud                     110pts

4 Loeb                             106pts

= Kristoffersson               106pts

5 Tiimmy Hansen             86pts

Next time out World RX of Canada (August 05/07)

The PSRX Supercar’s going on a plane for the first time this year: it’s Canada time. Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres is one of the most popular rounds of the championship, with its fantastic atmosphere, great crowd, epic sundown racetrack and frankly unbelievable maple syrup and even better bacon. Can you tell we like Canada? Petter won there two years ago, but didn’t fare so well last season. Back to winning on the far side of the Atlantic in August? That’s what we’re there for.   

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The good thing is that, once again, we showed we had the speed to fight at the front, but the weekend has been a challenging one for us.
Petter Solberg