The World Champion’s tour starts here…

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October 8, 2014

World RX of Italy preview

The World Champion’s tour starts here…

For the first time this season, I come to a race with only one thing on my mind: winning. Points? We’ve got enough of them. But we can always use more victories.

Honestly, the pressure has been so much this season. It’s like a real, real release to come to this race in Turkey and just let it all go. I wanted this championship so badly and now we have it. And now I can celebrate and show the fans in Turkey and in the last round in Argentina a really, really good time.

In all of my career, I have always wanted to make a good show and make sure the people are all enjoying themselves and that’s what we’re going to do now. It’s strange, just getting to the race will be nice and kind of a break. If I thought I’d been busy in the lead up to the championship, actually winning it made me even more busy!

The last week and a half has been absolutely crazy! I don’t think I have ever talked as much. But talking about winning a world championship is not something I will ever get tired of.

Talking’s great, but driving is definitely better.

The competition will be as hot as ever in Turkey – especially with a couple of really quick Americans coming back. It’s always great to see Ken Block and Tanner Foust on the track, they’re great guys and fantastic drivers. But, once we’re on the track, the only place I want to see them is in my mirror!

As this week has progressed, it’s been interesting to see the way the PSRX team’s focus has returned to the race. We’ve had a great time celebrating the title – and I’m sure we’ll have more fun once the season is over – but now we have a job to do again this weekend and we’ll be as determined as ever to cross the final finish line first.

Championship positions*

1 Petter Solberg                   235pts

2 Toomas Heikkinen             175pts

3 Reinis Nitiss                        167pts

4 Timmy Hansen                   152pts

5 Timur Timerzyanov           148pts

6 Andreas Bakkerud             146pts

Last time out…

In case you didn’t notice, Petter became a world champion again. Third place was enough for the 2003 FIA World Rally Champion to become the 2014 FIA World Rallycross Champion. And then the party started. And it might stop soon. (World RX of Italy, Franciacorta, September 27-28)


Length: 1424m

Width: 18m

Tarmac: 60%

Dirt: 40%



Saturday October 11

1110 practice

1420 qualifying heats

1800 RX press conference

Sunday October 12

1120 qualifying heats

1500 semi-final

1500 final


PSRX media:

Per-Espen Lochen

+46 76 110 7 110

+47 952 43 245

World RX of Turkey media:

Sadi Hezber

FIA World RX media:

+44 1372 414120

+44 7500 877304



* Championship positions subject to FIA approval


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